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Saturday night: Ex-Pentagon whistleblower warns of UFO 9-11

The remarkable thing is that we haven’t found so much as a fossil bacterium in recent Mars samples. The belief that whatever’s weird out there must be aliens is a sheer act of faith. The same people who would dismiss massive evidence for design in the universe and life forms believe in ET with no evidence at all. That’s probably because, at heart, their commitment is one of the few types of religion that naturalism permits. Read More ›

Fazale Rana: Isn’t Harvard Astronomer Avi Loeb’s using design detection to claim Oumuamua is an alien spacecraft?

Fazale Rana: Loeb’s work affirms a point that I (and others) have repeatedly made. Science has the toolkit to detect the work of agency in nature. To put it another way, Loeb’s thesis demonstrates that detection of intelligent design in nature is legitimately part of the construct of science. Read More ›

“‘Oumuamua is a spacecraft!” astronomer has come up with a SENSIBLE idea: Search the Moon

Avi Loeb has come up with a very reasonable idea for searching for evidence of other civilizations in our galaxy: Look for alien debris on our still, lifeless, atmosphere-free Moon. Read More ›

Remember space junk ‘Oumuamua? A conventional explanation is now offered: Nitrogen ice from Pluto

It’s curious how folklore can prevail for ages in science as long as it has a naturalistic origin. Maybe Top People shouldn’t count on everyone just forgetting that now. Read More ›

Harvard Astronomer: Aliens visited in 2017! Now a book!

Okay, Oumuamua is unusual. But here’s what seems even more unusual. That a Harvard astronomer would be retailing stories that, sixty years ago, were the domain of tabloid magazines. And people are listening seriously. Read More ›

University of Maryland: Oumuamua was not an alien spacecraft

“Stick with analogs we know, you advise”? Yes, good idea. It used to be the usual approach among scientists. So why was it suddenly suspended? We are still wondering. Or maybe we know but no one wants to discuss it. See Tales of an invented god . Read More ›

What? Oumuamua was just a comet? After all the ET hype?

Yeah. Sure. But let’s not lose sight of the fact that it was orthodox science media (Scientific American, we are looking at you… ) who were marketing the space alien thing, not some crackpot in a tinfoil hat. And yet the same people have the nerve to sponsor reams of stuff on why “people” believe in pseudoscience. Read More ›

Astronomer: We’re too dumb to think space object Oumuamua was extraterrestrial lightsail

Hmmm. In the real world, when you are an only child so far as you know, it is hard to compare yourself to your siblings. Few readily accept criticism for failure to measure up to the standards of imaginary beings. Read More ›

Did interstellar object Oumuamua normalize space aliens as science in 2018?

At least media feel freer to treat the topic that way: The turning point came in November, when Avi Loeb, the head of the astronomy department at Harvard University, co-wrote a paper saying that Oumuamua is so unusual that scientists should consider the possibility that it’s not a far-out comet or asteroid, as his colleagues assumed, but rather an artificial structure. In other words, maybe it’s an interstellar craft built by extraterrestrials. … Jason Wright, a Penn State astronomer who recently launched a graduate program in SETI (the search for extraterrestrial intelligence), shares Loeb’s desire for open discussion — and offers an upbeat assessment of the field’s growing respectability. “There’s a real culture change. SETI is becoming a serious scientific discipline,” Read More ›