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Rob Sheldon: ID types are unfair to panspermia (the hypothesis that life came from space)

Sheldon: The answer to critics of panspermia, is that it is not intended as an origin of life (OOL) theory; rather, it answers the question "Where did life on Earth come from?" So indeed, it is erroneous to accuse panspermia advocates of “kicking the can down the road.” Read More ›

Steve Meyer on whether extraterrestrials created life, as opposed to an intelligence outside nature

"Yet those who propose panspermia have not explained, or even seriously grappled with, the problem of the origin of specified biological information." - Meyer No, but they don't need to, do they? Their seamless blend of science fiction and non-fiction would be rudely interrupted by needless complexities in the plot... Read More ›

Do ageless bacteria beneath Earth’s surface give life to panspermia theories?

Some of us think panspermia gets a bad rap; that is, it is classed with “They’re OUT There!” theories about intelligent aliens. It is really a much more straightforward question whether life forms could survive extreme conditions and, in general, we are finding life in more extreme conditions all the time. Read More ›