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Daniel Andrés Díaz Pachón

At Mind Matters News: If extraterrestrials didn’t fine tune Earth, maybe there is a God

In the face of a grab bag of ideas like creation by ETs or countless universes (some run by cats), why does the idea of a Creator seem far out? Read More ›

At Mind Matters News: Could advanced aliens have fine-tuned Earth for life?

As Robert Marks, Ola Hössjer, and Daniel Díaz discuss, some prominent atheists/agnostics have chosen to substitute advanced extraterrestrials for God. Read More ›

New paper at Biocomplexity by Daniel Andrés Díaz-Pachón and Robert J. Marks II

Paper's conclusion: We have proposed extension of active information for domains other than those confined to a finite interval. Maximum entropy (maxent) is defined on domains other than a finite interval. Read More ›

New at Inference Review: On the Mind-Machine Problem

Pachon: After all the tangle of modernism, Gödel left us as at the beginning: it is not merely that we cannot make a determination, but that even our most formal systems require faith—just like before modernism began. Read More ›

Faith: Even mathematics depends on some unprovable assumptions

Pachón: The result was shattering. Gödel showed the limitations of any formal axiomatic system in modeling basic arithmetic. He showed that no axiomatic system could be complete and consistent at the same time. Read More ›