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Researcher: Viruses are “smart” but the human immune system is smarter

"Viruses are very smart, that's what I love to say," Muller says. "They have lots of strategies to stick around, and they don't do a lot of damage for a very long time, because that's one way to hide from the immune system. It’s becoming harder for researchers to claim that there is no intelligence in nature. That’s probably why so many of them are embracing panpsychism. They want a way to include intelligence in nature without an intelligence outside nature. It won’t work but at least it makes more sense in relation to the evidence. Read More ›

How a cell protects itself

It sounds like a scheme. But the big question isn’t how cells protect themselves by very complex mechanisms but why? Boulders don’t seek to avoid becoming sand. Something is different about life that mechanical explanations do not address. Read More ›

Deemed “officially weirder”: Octopuses edit their RNA in response to environment

Well, first, we don’t really know for sure that no other life form does this. Maybe others do and we haven’t caught up to them yet. It would be easier to place in a context if we had a group to study rather than an outlier. Read More ›