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Tim Andersen

At Mind Matters News: Quantum physicist shows how consciousness may create reality

In his argument against physicalism (physical nature is all there is), Tim Andersen draws from the 19th-century philosopher Schopenhauer the concept of Will as the basis of all reality. Read More ›

Free will makes more sense of our world than determinism—and science certainly allows for it

Scientists weigh in on both sides but accepting free will allows us to avoid some serious problems around logic and personal freedom. Read More ›

Researcher: We need a new Theory of Everything, one with no “things”

We’d have to guess that Stephen Wolfram’s attempt at a Theory of Everything didn’t solve all the problems. At any rate, by the time we get down to “a theory of every thing requires that one not start with a thing,” it’s not easy to distinguish science from Zen. But then maybe that’s the idea. Read More ›