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Has string theory really fallen this time?

Paul Sutter: “They argue that all possible configurations of compact dimensions are realized, each one with its own unique universe and set of physical laws, and we happen to live in this one because life would be impossible in most or all of the others. That’s not the strongest argument to come out of physics, but I’ll save a dissection of the idea for another day.”

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L&FP, 64: The challenge of self-referentiality on hard questions (thus, of self-defeating arguments)

One way to define Philosophy, is to note that it is that department of thought that addresses hard, core questions. Known to be hard as there are no easy answers. Where, core topics include metaphysics [critical analysis of worldviews on what reality is, what exists etc], epistemology [core questions on “knowledge”], logic [what are the Read More…

Intelligent Design

God of the gaps. Really ?

The arguments for God’s existence are based on positive evidence and logical inferences. Not gaps of knowledge. God of the gaps and incredulity, a justified refutation of ID arguments? 125 reasons to believe in God There is no evidence of Gods existence. Really? 1. The universe and biological systems appear designed. Therefore, most Read More…