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Of Dragonflies, Spitfires and Elliptical Wings

The Dragonfly is a marvel of nature, rated to be one of the all time most effective predators. Similarly, the Spitfire was a breakthrough, fighter-interceptor in the skies over Britain, just under eighty-three years ago. And, oddly, both share a common design feature, elliptical wings: This is of course an interesting convergence of natural and Read More…

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“Trust the Science!” Files: Prof punished for saying the obvious

RNA expert Patrick Provost: “I was just doing what I was hired to do,” he said in an interview. “I had some concerns about something, I searched the literature and I prepared a talk and I delivered it to the public. Being censored for doing what I’ve been trained to do — and hired to do — well, it’s hard to believe.”

Intelligent Design

The “starseeds” among us: In case we thought reason was going to get a fair shake out of all this “science” stuff…

Drinkwater et al.: “Star people, or starseeds, are individuals who believe they have come to Earth from other dimensions to help heal the planet and guide humanity into the “golden age” – a period of great happiness, prosperity, and achievement.” It’s more popular than we might have expected.