Twisted light can carry arbitrarily large amounts of information – a find friendly to theism?

Philip Cunningham draws our attention to “New records set up with “Screws of Light””: In principle, twisted light can carry an arbitrary large amount of information per photon. This is in contrast to the polarization of light, which is limited to one bit per photon. For example, data rates of up to 100 terabits per […]

How naturalism morphed into a state religion

From Denyse O’Leary (O’Leary for News) at Evolution News & Views: State religion? You, reader, object (of course): That scenario is not plausible! The theories are not believable! No? In the 20th century, Marxist economic theories became a state religion. These theories were propounded and enforced for decades, and dissenters were punished, despite the fact […]

Bret Weinstein, the Evergreen prof who got SJW-d? It’s partly the fault of creationists!

Language specialist Norbert Francis seems to think creationism played a role, as he writes at Quillette: In the aftermath of the persecution of biology professor Bret Weinstein at Evergreen State College, we need to pause and look back. With the Higher Superstition exposé by Gross and Levitt in 1994, many of us assumed that the […]

D’Arcy Thompson exhibit offers an illustration of the structuralist approach to evolution

Structuralism just means that what can really happen in evolution is probably governed by physics and chemistry, rather than by biologist suggesting why one outcome or another is, in a Darwinian sense, more fit (Darwinsplaining). Explanations that fit a constantly shifting theory are easy to make up after the fact. Real explanations are hard work. […]

Evolutionary psychology’s greatest contribution to research is as a line item expense

Here is an example: A friend asked, why do so many pop science articles on the widespread problem of loneliness begin with some jaw about at how loneliness evolved. This item at The Atlantic gives a sense of it: As social animals, we depend on others for survival. Our communities provide mutual aid and protection, […]

Claim: Bonobos help strangers without being asked, therefore human are not special

From ScienceDaily: The impulse to be kind to strangers was long thought to be unique to humans, but research on bonobos suggests our species is not as exceptional in this regard as we like to think. Famously friendly apes from Africa’s Congo Basin, bonobos will go out of their way to help a stranger get […]

What is the difference between classical and quantum information?

From our physics color commentator Rob Sheldon: — a) Classical information is local. It is like beans in a bag, one, say, for each bushel of wheat. They are not connected to each other, each is independent of the other. b) Quantum information is non-local. It depends on the orientation of the other beans. It […]

Materialist Equivocations

Evolution is a Fact!  Depending on what one means by “evolution,” of course it is.  There are no living dinosaurs.  This leads to the indisputable conclusion that the earth’s biosphere has “evolved” from a place where dinosaurs were common to a place where dinosaurs exist not at all.  “Evolution” in this sense is an indisputable […]

At Aeon: Homo naledi buried dead which suggests that maybe humans are not special, of course

From Paige Madison at Aeon: The assumption, then, was that death rituals were practised only by modern humans, or perhaps also by their very closest relatives. The possibility that primitive, small-brained Homo naledi could have engaged in the deliberate disposal of dead bodies not only challenges the timeline about when such behaviours appeared; it disrupts […]

Coffee!! Sheep “can recognise human faces” – BBC

Further to “Why doesn’t anyone confront researchers about made-up claims about animal cognition?,” from Paul Rincon at BBC: Cambridge University researchers were able to train sheep to identify the faces of actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Emma Watson, former US President Barack Obama and BBC newsreader Fiona Bruce. … After training, the sheep chose photos of […]

Here’s a trailer for the new book critiquing “theistic evolution”

Here’s the trailer for the new book, Theistic Evolution, with a foreword by sociologist Steve Fuller, who studies ID professionally. The Problem with Theistic Evolution from Crossway on Vimeo. Here’s the outline of chapters. Amazon is currently offering a 28% discount (November 30). Note: News posting will be light till this evening due to other […]

Darwin’s man, Jerry Coyne, brushes off Scott Turner and homeostasis

We wondered when Jerry Coyne, a longtime Darwin stalwart, would take time to diss J. Scott Turner’s Purpose and Desire:What Makes Something “Alive” and Why Modern Darwinism Has Failed to Explain It, given that his disapproval is becoming a sort of imprimatur. We hope he can still do this sort of thing emeritus forever: Well, […]

Bioinformatics tools used in my OPs: some basic information.

EugeneS made this simple request in the thread about Random Variation: I also have a couple of very concrete and probably very simple questions regarding the bioinformatics algorithms and software you are using. Could you write a post on the bioinformatics basics, the metrics and a little more detail about how you produced those graphs, […]

Rob Sheldon: “Naturalness” in physics is dead, says Sabine Hossenfelder, and that’s a good thing

From Sabine Hossenfelder at her blog Backreaction: I was elated when I saw that Gian Francesco Giudice announced the “Dawn of the Post-Naturalness Era,” as the title of his recent paper promises. The craze in particle physics, I thought, might finally come to an end; data brought reason back to Earth after all. … I […]

Physicist Lee Spetner weighs in on Adam and Eve controversy

Adam and Eve have never been so hot since the days everyone went to church. At least not to judge from the current Bottleneck War in genetics. It was sparked by British geneticist Richard Buggs pointing out in a journal that, strictly speaking, one fertile human pair could survive a bottleneck (Adam and Eve more […]

Government and the dark side of science

From Robert Arvay at American Thinker: Many scientists no longer regard us as having any special place. We are no longer regarded as having a spiritual dimension, but only a physical one. We are seen to be products of a cold, uncaring universe, indeed, not even a product, but only a mere byproduct, an accident, […]

Single gene flip, not Darwinism, explains butterfly mimicry but it’s not clear why the butterflies bother

From Female swallowtail butterflies do something a lot of butterflies do to survive: they mimic wing patterns, shapes and colors of other species that are toxic to predators. Some – but not all – swallowtail species have evolved several different forms of this trait. But what kind of genetic changes led to these various disguises, […]

Are Adam and Eve genetically possible? The latest: Richard Buggs (yes) replies to Dennis Venema (no)

The last round was Adam, Eve, Richard Buggs, and Dennis Venema: Could Adam and Eve have existed?, where Dennis Venema (no) replied to Richard Buggs (yes). Now, Richard Buggs replies, Now to look in more detail at the points you raise about allelic diversity. This is where I think your argument is strongest, so I […]

2018 Global atheist Reason to Hope conference canceled

Closing our scheduled religion coverage for the week, we note, re Reason to Hope: We regret to advise that the 2018 Global Atheist Convention, Reason to Hope , has been cancelled. If you are a ticket holder, you are entitled to a refund (including fees) and we will be in touch with you directly. More. Apparently, Ayaan […]

The end of promissory materialism? What advances has materialism (naturalism) made in the last decade?

Here is a piece I (O’Leary for News) wrote for the first edition of Salvo (2006). Interesting to see how it has held up after more than a decade has past. – 0 – About three years ago, I predicted that the intelligent design controversy would explode in a few years, with every instapundit punding […]

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