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Thermodynamic Efficiency of Cellular Computation

I haven’t had time to read this yet, but it sure looks interesting. A new paper came out across the pond discussing the thermodynamic efficiency of various cellular processes/computations. An interesting snippet from the abstract: Here we show that the computational efficiency of translation, defined as free energy expended per amino acid operation, outperforms the […]

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Sci Fi Writer John C Wright on self-evidence, honesty and reason

Mr Wright observes: From time to time it is useful for sane men in an insane world to remind themselves of basic truths.The first truth is that truth is true. A statement that there is no truth, if true, is false. We know this truth is basic because without it, no question can be answered, […]

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Science decadence: A “Woke” medical journal’s war on having kids

When institutions get this crazy (and Berezow provides a number of further examples of Lancet gone crazy) , it’s usually because their reason for existence has been undermined. Is it Lancet that we don’t need any more or medical journals generally? We’ll be able to find out by seeing whether a number of other journals follow suit and ramp up the crazy.