A Springer journal has published a creationist paper

It’s a good question, though, if we end universalism in science (and that’s all the rage), why creationism in an anthropology and ethnology journal doesn’t follow.

Does Dr. Sutter claim to have no beliefs that guide his search for truth?

It would be helpful if we knew more about what Dr. Sutter means by “cheap validation.”

Ending universalism in science: What will it mean?

Wait till IPBES hears from the past lives people, demanding respect for their perspective. The term “We were all one-celled creatures once” could take on an entirely new meaning.

Jonathan Bartlett: The First Law of Automation

is Think!: The worst trap that people who are pursuing automation fall into is the desire to automate everything. That’s usually a road to disaster. Automation is supposed to save time and money, but it can wind up costing you both if you don’t carefully consider what you automate. How Automation Goes Wrong Elon Musk […]

Proven: If you torture a Big Data enough, it will confess to anything

In his fascinating new book The AI Delusion, economics professor Gary Smith reminds us that computers don’t have common sense. He also notes that, as data gets larger and larger, nonsensical coincidences become more probable, not less.

Planets with oxygen not necessarily good candidates for ET life?

Researchers have found that the presence of oxygen in a planet’s atmosphere may not be a strong indicator of life: Simulating in the lab the atmospheres of planets beyond the solar system, researchers successfully created both organic compounds and oxygen, absent of life. The findings, published Dec. 11 by the journal ACS Earth and Space […]

Feathers originated 70 million years earlier than thought

It certainly is “amazing,” as Professor Benton says, that a complex array of features appeared 250 million years ago, rather abruptly, just as life was recovering from the Permian extinction. Would anyone have predicted that? Talk about “fossil rabbits in the Cambrian.”

“Adam and Eve” researchers say their work does NOT disprove Darwin

Remember the recent study in which Adam and Eve practically reappeared and extant species turned out to be only about 100,000 years old? The researchers, who found their own conclusion “very surprising” and “fought against it” are anxious that the world know that none of it disproves Darwin: Shortly after the Daily Mail published its […]

Social science hoax papers is one of RealClearScience’s top junk science stories of 2018

We knew about the “rape culture in dogs” paper that got taken seriously but did you know about this one?: Hoaxers Reveal That Some Social Science Journals Will Publish Nonsense. This year, three academics, James Lindsay, Helen Pluckrose, and Peter Boghossian, revealed their efforts to publish blatantly ridiculous hoax papers in a variety of social […]

Solzhenitsyn at 100

“Let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me.”Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Rodney Stark: A social scientist who begged to differ with the “distinguished bigots” on faith and science

Social scientist Rodney Stark offers an alternative to the Sunday magazine truisms about the relationship between Christianity and science: The basis for much of the antipathy toward Christianity is the image of the medieval Catholic Church fostered by “distinguished bigots,” as Stark calls Edward Gibbon and Voltaire among other Enlightenment notables. Stark, relying on primary […]

Psychology: Study of religion takes evidence-based turn

It became impossible to ignore the fact that traditional religious lifestyles were associated with Intro of longer life and better health: For anyone who took a college course in psychology more than a decade ago or who is even casually acquainted with the subject through popular articles, a close examination of today’s field would undoubtedly […]

India: Is an odd mix of nationalism, science, and religion gaining ground?

A recent lecture in Mumbai raises the question: Organized by a group called “Bharatam Reawakening,” the meeting — and the group — aim to glorify India’s past and the contributions of their ancestors to the world, even if it means taking a detour into the fantastic and the unlikely. The talk itself was titled “Vaimanika […]

Templeton’s odd position: Atheists dump on them for no particular reason

Here’s Jerry Coyne (who is beginning to “get it” about a bunch of stuff), bashing Templeton Foundation again: Nautilus Magazine is an online site that bills itself as “a different kind of science magazine.” And indeed it is—for it’s partly supported by the John Templeton Foundation (JTF). The Foundation is largely dedicated to showing that […]

Could giant marine animals have been wiped out 2.6 million years ago by a supernova?

In a puzzling extinction, something took out giant shark Megalodon and 36% of big marine animals generally. Researcher: “There really hasn’t been any good explanation for the marine megafaunal extinction. This could be one. It’s this paradigm change — we know something happened and when it happened, so for the first time we can really dig in and look for things in a definite way.

Earliest “land animals” were actually victims of a prehistoric Pompeii, say researchers

The 455 million-year-old trackways were not from the first creatures on land but rather “death dances” of arthropods overcome by volcanic ash, say researchers. The actual earliest trackways are from 420 million years ago, when life forms started moving on land all at once.

Smithsonian: The asteroid strike was only one factor in dinosaur extinction

Sixty-six million years ago, an asteroid hit the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and produced cataclysmic disruptions that, it is believed, killed off about 75% of species (the K/Pg extinction). But many researchers think there must have been other factors at work.

Remarkable vid of a mouse embryo developing

This series of videos from McDole et al. shows the development of a mouse embryo, captured using adaptive light-sheet microscopy, and highlights cell division (part A), cell movements (part B) and tissue dynamics (parts C, D) during embryogenesis. Paper. McDole, K., Guignard, L., Amat, F., Berger, A., Malandain, G., Royer, L.A., Turaga, S.C., Branson, K., […]

Scientific American: Treating an ideological political narrative as science

Along the same lines as taking past lives research seriously, we have a Scientific American piece about the hitherto unheard-of personality trait that is now ripping the world apart – antagonism.

Will social media make communications nearly impossible?

Twitter seems to be a town that doesn’t care what happens to you unless you have lots of friends to create a buzz. And at least one well-known USA Today commentator is refusing to live there any more.

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