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Interview with Berlinski on “Human Nature”

In a couple of prior posts, here and here, we mentioned David Berlinksi’s new book Human Nature.  Here’s a podcast of Berlinksi being interviewed by Jonathan Witt, regarding the book.    On this episode of ID the Future, philosopher, mathematician, and Discovery Institute Senior Fellow David Berlinski answers questions from Jonathan Witt about Berlinski’s celebrated […]

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johnnyb, Nail, Head

All that follows is from johnnyb’s comment to New Books On Consciousness Underscore Naturalism’s Fatal Problem posted by the UD News Desk yesterday. This plays very nicely into Plantinga’s “Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism”. The evolutionary argument against naturalism basically states, “if evolution is true and theism is false, we cannot know that evolution is true. […]

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New Book by David Berlinski Challenges the Darwinian View of Progress

Evolution News has announced the publication of a new book by David Berlinski entitled Human Nature.  In Human Nature, Berlinski takes aim at the standard narrative of history in our secular culture, the fatuous Whig view that sees human life and human nature on an upward-inclining plane, evolving toward ever greater, even god-like enlightenment. In […]

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Guest Post, Dr YS: “Intelligent Design and arguments against it”

Dr YS, contribtes thoughts again that are well worth pondering: >>I’d like to present a summary of the arguments against the design hypothesis that I have come across either as a reader or as an author of a pro-design blog over the past 8 years since I became interested in intelligent design. The Design Hypothesis […]