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Put this one in the “the more things change, the more they stay the same” category.  Though he was speaking to an English audience nearly 90 years ago, Churchill could have very well been addressing the American people yesterday afternoon. The worst difficulties from which we suffer do not come from without.  They come from Read More…

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At the Epoch Times: A mom tries understanding “evolution” schoolhouse lessons

If no one has ever been able to demonstrate in real life that an alarm clock assembles itself all by itself, why should I believe that a life form does? Why should that be taught in school? Can’’t we just say that we don’t know? It’s really a matter of belief. Or not, as the case may be. No one should be persecuted for doubt in such a case.

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But didn’t Darwinists tell us that men kill other guys’ kids to have their own, thus spreading their selfish genes?

Overlooked, because it is politically incorrect, is the fact that — most likely — the father of the child was not even on the scene. In reality, if the selfish gene mattered much, Dad would have been on the scene. The situation is indistinguishable from people not caring enough to make a difference.

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L&FP43: Big-S Science, Official Consensus and the pessimistic induction

It is highly relevant and timely to now ponder “Big-S Science and appeals to official consensus i/l/o the logic of the pessimistic induction and what warrant entails,” with “degrees of warrant, open mindedness and tolerance/diversity.” It is probably best to start with the pessimistic induction, here, via SEP: If one considers the history of scientific Read More…

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Frank Turek looks at Scientism of the gaps

To summarize Scientism of the Gaps: No mountain too high, no river so wide that sheer chaos cannot contrive to create an inextricably interlinked system that seamlessly navigates it. Even though chaos never works that way in your own life, you must believe — if you are really science-friendly — that it works that way at the foundation of all of life, the entire universe and all that.

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The remarkable expansion of the proteome across the history of life

A friend writes to draw our attention to this sentence: “Life met this challenge by evolving molecular chaperones that can minimize protein misfolding and aggregation, even under stressful out-of-equilibrium conditions favoring aggregation.” “Life” is a busy little bee, no? If this were not evolutionary biology, we would talk in terms of purpose and design. Oh but, whoops, they do talk in terms of purpose and design. But none dare call it that.

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Professional skeptic Michael Shermer takes on Stephen C. Meyer and his Return of God Hypothesis

In an age when the Raging Woke parasitize the world of ideas, banning everyone from Frank Turek through Richard Dawkins from public life (when not out setting fires and assaulting the non-Woke), it is worth nothing that Shermer’s 2020 book Giving the Devil His Due, is a defense of intellectual freedom.