ID and Wikipedia as the ultimate post-modern encyclopedia

From David Klinghoffer at Evolution News & Views: What readers most need to understand about Wikipedia is that the editors are almost all pseudonyms of volunteer non-authorities. Many have an axe to grind. They wield power over mass opinion not because they’re objective or knowledgeable but simply by virtue of being dedicated to Wikipedia, on […]

Canadian astronaut turned governor-general trashes all Canadians who doubt that life is a “random process”

From Global News: “And we are still debating and still questioning whether life was a divine intervention or whether it was coming out of a natural process let alone, oh my goodness, a random process.” … Payette was trained as a computer engineer and later became an astronaut and licensed pilot and in 1999 was […]

11-year-old conjoined twins have a connected brain, see through each others’ eyes, but have separate minds

From CBC: BC’s Hogan twins, featured in the documentary Inseparable, are unique in the world. Joined at the head, their brains are connected by a thalamic bridge which gives them neurological capabilities that researchers are only now beginning to understand. Still, they are like other Canadian eleven-year-olds; they attend school, have a favourite pet and […]

Sean Carroll and Brute Facts

  Thank you News for pointing us to the Sean Carroll/Luke Barnes exchange.  Here are some of highlights:   There was an extremely interesting discussion about whether Carroll’s explanation of the existing of the universe (i.e., it’s a brute fact; we have no explanation) is tenable.  Here are the highlights: Carroll starting at 30:13: I […]

Do claims about “front-loading” design make theistic evolution viable? An engineer offers some thoughts.

From blogger at Wintery Knight: Is belief in a creator/designer compatible with belief in Darwinian evolution? One of the ways that theistic evolutionists try to affirm design is by insisting that the design is “front-loaded”. The design for all the information and body plans is somehow embedded in matter. … I attended a Wheaton College […]

Sean Carroll vs. Luke Barnes: Does God or Naturalism best explain the Universe?

From Unbelievable? at Premier Christian Radio: Eminent cosmologists Sean Carroll and Luke Barnes join Justin for an extended edition of the show debating naturalism, Theism, Big Bang cosmology and fine tuning. Sean, an atheist astrophysicist and author of ‘The Big Picture: on the origins of life, meaning and the universe itself’ argues that naturalism best […]

Does the size of the universe sweep us toward atheism?

From Emily Thomas at The Conversation: Over the last few decades, a new way of arguing for atheism has emerged. Philosophers of religion such as Michael Martin and Nicholas Everitt have asked us to consider the kind of universe we would expect the Christian God to have created, and compare it with the universe we […]

Philosopher: If there is something rather than nothing, questions around God cannot be ignored

From a talk advertised at Humane Philosophy: Abstract: This paper examines the effects that a philosophical consideration of nothing has on the debate between theism and atheism. In particular, it argues that surprising conclusions that arise from a close analysis of the concept of nothing result in three claims that have relevance for that debate. […]

Why is space three dimensions anyway? Why not six? A new theory is offered

From Nancy Atkinson at Seeker: Thomas Kephart from Vanderbilt University and four of his colleagues from around the world wanted to figure out why our universe seemingly has just three dimensions, especially since, as they wrote, “quantum gravity scenarios such as string theory… assume nine or ten space dimensions at the fundamental level.” They combined […]

Newly discovered giant planet does not follow the rules

From Nicole Mortillaro at CBC: The star is a red M-dwarf, the most common star in our universe. But until now, it wasn’t believed that a gaseous planet of such a size, would ever exist orbiting this type of low-mass star. … The reason astronomers believed that a gas giant this large wasn’t capable of […]

Post-modern naturalism: Paranormal goes mainstream

From Paul Kingsbury at LiveScience: Recent literature in the social sciences on paranormal cultures argues that despite the rise of a secular, post-religious society, paranormal discourses are becoming increasingly significant in people’s lives in the West. Because the paranormal refers to “events or phenomena… that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding,” researchers have […]

Darwin’s aliens: Natural selection is magic

From ScienceDaily: In a new study published in the International Journal of Astrobiology scientists from the University of Oxford show for the first time how evolutionary theory can be used to support alien predictions and better understand their behaviour. They show that aliens are potentially shaped by the same processes and mechanisms that shaped humans, […]

Whackapedia whacks a civil liberties group

No, it’s not just about ID. It’s happening all over. From Robert Knight at Townhall: As a Wikipedia editor, I’ve made many edits and updates over the years to the American Civil Rights Union’s Wikipedia page without interference. So, imagine my shock when I was alerted this past Monday that someone had made the page […]

New species of orangutan? Or new need to clarify what “species” means?

From Jason G. Goldman at National Geographic: On November 20, 2013, the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme got a call about an injured orangutan found in the mountainous region of Tapanuli. The orangatang had been fatally injured by humans. But Raya lives on as the representative member of a new orangutan species, Pongo tapanuliensis, or the […]

Hurting a scientist’s feelings could cost a journal $10 million?

From Alex Berezow at American Council on Science and Health: Climate scientist Mark Z. Jacobson of Stanford University has sued the National Academy of Sciences, which publishes the prestigious journal PNAS, for publishing an article that disagreed with him. The lawsuit claims that Dr. Jacobson was libeled and slandered. He is suing to get the […]

Dinosaurs are tearing paleontology apart?

Should we call on 9-11, the Humane Society, or the vegans… or on soft dino tissue, to restore order? From Matthew Reynolds at Wired: The [March 2017] paper overturned one of the most fundamental things that we thought we knew about dinosaurs – that they split neatly into two groups. This is dinosaur 101. The […]

Is the Big Bang theory on trial?

From Adam Hadhazy at A new cosmic map was unveiled in August, plotting where the mysterious substance called dark matter is clumped across the universe. To immense relief — and frustration — the map is just what scientists had expected. The distribution of dark matter agrees with our current understanding of a universe born […]

Introduction to Evolutionary Informatics: Media to get you started

Baylor computer scientist Robert Marks II checks in with news about the new book Introduction to Evolutionary Informatics: – (AI-CA) “The Mind Renewed” has published the transcript of the “Dr. Robert J. Marks II : Evolutionary Informatics” interview. Audio. YouTube. – (AI) Essay: “Why You Shouldn’t Worry About A.I. Taking Over the World” by R.J. […]

ID conference intended for Portugal had to flee to Spain

From Paul Nelson at Evolution News & Views: A group of students at the University of the Algarve, in Faro, Portugal, wanted to have a one-day conference on ID at the university. They invited Professor Marcos Eberlin of Campinas State University in Brazil (the 2016 Thomson Medal winner) and me, to speak. The conference was […]

Evolutionary Predictions of Protein Structure Is “Iffy”

Here’s the abstract of a new PNAS article: There’s a new article in PNAS that illustrates the fact that thermodynamics determines the effects of future changes made to a protein molecule. Any one mutation changes the thermodynamic/statistical mechanics of the protein molecule. And these changes in the thermodynamic properties swims around in a giant ocean […]

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