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The best evolutionary biologists think about intelligent design

It is evident by the fact that Richard Dawkins, Jerry Coyne, Ken Miller, Sean Carroll, and Michael Ruse have written book reviews of Michael Behe’s book, The Edge of Evolution, that the best evolutionary biologists think about intelligent design. That only makes sense because Darwin himself wrote much about intelligent design and devoted an entire […]

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When Darwinism Hurts

In this latest post at PhysOrg, it seems that Darwinism hasn’t helped, but instead hindered the fight against cancer. Dr. Peter Duesberg, a molecular biologist at Berkeley, proposed in 2000 that the assumption underlying most cancer research today is wrong. That assumption, that cancer results from a handful of genetic mutations that drive a cell […]

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Olasky: “Signs of Intelligence” is good brain workout

Jim Kushiner, writes, presumably from the treadmill, to say: In the latest issue of  World magazine, editor Marvin Olasky compiles his all-time favorite one-hundred books to read while on the treadmill, “books that exercise my mind while I exercise my body.” Included on the list is Signs of Intelligence, edited by Touchstone publisher James Kushiner and […]

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Cosmological ID in 1744?

This is a continuation of a discussion of Teleology and ID in physics, ID-inspired least action principles Teleologically-inspired Least Action Principles have become very foundational in modern physics. Tipler argues, “teleology is alive and well in physics.” One of my favorite critics, Bob OH, demanded more proof ID inspired a major area of scientific research. […]