Expelled at Baylor: Local reaction to film varies

Hre’s a thoughtful look by Tim Woods of the Waco Herald-Tribune at the response in and around Baylor University to Expelled – given that Baylor itself was one of the subjects. On the situation of Prof. Robert Marks, Woods records, Marks’ involvement in Expelled centers on a Web site about his evolutionary informatics research lab. […]

Intelligent Design

Elliott Sober’s new book, Evidence and Evolution: The Logic Behind the Science, now available

Elliott Sober’s new book, Evidence and Evolution: The Logic Behind the Science (Cambridge University Press, 2008, 392 pp.) is now out, and worth your attention. A wide range of topics often discussed here — such as the theory of universal common descent (pro and con), the explanatory merits (or lack thereof) of natural selection, arguments […]


Australian Media on EXPELLED

In reading an Australian news report on Ben Stein’s EXPELLED, I came across this paragraph (go here for full story): Stein is [a man] with a mission: to prove US academics are being expelled from universities for daring to suggest creationism should be taught in science classes. And to prove that creationism — the belief […]

Constitution Courts Darwinism Education Intelligent Design

Judge Jones loses in Florida and Louisiana

Judge Jones (the former liquor control board director famous for his involvement with Frog Beer) ruled in 2005 that it was unconstitutional for teachers in the Dover school district to question Darwinism. Jones viewed himself as the person who would settle the question of Darwinism for all time an eternity. He even went on the […]