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Expelled: “Denormalizing” the Darwin thugs

If I had heard the word “denormalizing” from a sociology prof, instead of from Ezra Levant, the courageous Canadian lawyer who is working to bring down Canada’s unspeakable “human rights commissions”, I would just groan. But, “denormalizing” is a useful term for the Expelled film’s potential impact in the United States. Consider, for example, the […]

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Nelson in São Paulo, Brazil

I’ll be participating in this three-day seminar on Darwinism and design at Mackenzie Presbyterian University in the heart of São Paulo. Mackenzie is one of the oldest and most distinguished private universities in Brazil, and they’ve invited Brazilians scientists, such as evolutionary geneticist Dr. Aldo Mellender de Araújo, to participate in the event. Looking forward […]

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Fisher’s Fundamental Theorem of Natural Selection: the death sentence for Darwinism

Consider the following claims: Darwinism requires that the Fundamental Theorem [of Natural Selection] does not apply most of the time. Walter ReMine Biotic Message and a relative lack of natural selection may be the prerequisite for major evolutionary advance Mae Wan Ho Beyond neo-Darwinism and Concerning this theory [Darwinian evolution], I believe that we might […]

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Brights Protest at Dallas Prescreening of Expelled

Humiliated by a demeaning rap video, their treatment after crashing prescreenings of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, and the growing popularity of the Wistar Polka, a pod of Brights was sighted protesting outside of the Stardom Multiplex Theater in Dallas, Texas where a prescreening of Expelled was showing. Details with complete choreography to the tune of […]

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ID and Catholic theology

Father Michal Heller, 72, a Polish priest-cosmologist and a onetime associate of Archbishop Karol Wojtyla, the future pope, was named March 12 as the winner of the Templeton Prize. In this recent interview came a critique of the intelligent design position as bad theology, akin to the Manichean heresy. Fr. Heller puts forth this […]

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Proteins essential to species differentiation- evolved or designed?

Researchers have discovered two proteins essential for reproductive cells to latch onto each other and then to fuse. Changing at least one of these proteins appears to prevent species from interbreeding. This appears to open up a way to stop malaria. A new species would appear to require at least two changed genes, one for […]

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Expelled — Separation of Church and State in Public Education, Selectively Enforced

Judge Jones ruled that rational and evidential challenges to Darwinian orthodoxy cannot be tolerated in public education because they violate the First Amendment. It now appears that using religious images in a high school art class assignment is unconstitutional, but only if those religious images are Christian. A high school student has filed a lawsuit […]

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Dinesh D’Souza speaks out against ID

In reading Dinesh D’Souza’s WHAT’S SO GREAT ABOUT CHRISTIANITY, I was surprised at how uncritical and historically uninformed is his view of evolution. For instance, he lumped C. S. Lewis with other notable 20th century Christian intellectuals as accepting evolutionary theory, but in fact toward the end of his life, Lewis regretted his earlier support […]