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Canadian Earth Scientists “extremely concerned” about creationism/ID

I have been alerted by a reader to the fact that the Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences has recently (September 19, 2008) warned: Canadian media report growing public pressure to introduce Creationism and its equivalent Intelligent Design (ID) in school curricula, hinting that Creationism/ID is a ‘theory’, thus suggesting that it shares common ground with […]

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Traditionalists More Rational Than Others

With the media swooning over Dicky Dawkins’ fulminations against all things religious, who would have thought that the Dickster actually belongs to the less rational (statistically speaking) group:  Check out the report at the WSJ.  Here’s an excerpt: The reality is that the New Atheist campaign, by discouraging religion, won’t create a new group of […]


Presidential Politics on Uncommon Descent

Many of you are wondering why the UD adminstration decided to take an aggressive stand promoting the McCain/Palin presidential ticket. There are two reasons. The first is that both Senator McCain and Governor Palin are on record supporting “teach the controversy”. Senator Obama is on the record against it. Our goal is not to vanquish […]

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Mathematics and Darwinism — Plus a Math Problem to Solve

Over at Telic Thoughts Bradford resurrected a discussion based on my UD essay, Writing Computer Programs by Random Mutation and Natural Selection. In reference to the quote, “The set of truly functional novel situations is so small in comparison with the total possible number of situations that they will never occur, which is the point […]

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November Apologetics Conference — We need more than good arguments

Announcement immediately below plus my commentary afterward: The Nation’s Leading Christian Apologists to Speak at The National Conference on Christian Apologetics, November 7th and 8th in North Carolina Contact: Deborah Hamilton, 215-815-7716 CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, Sept. 10 /Christian Newswire/ — The nation’s leading Christian apologists will speak at Hickory Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC on […]

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Sarah Palin Unlikely to Push Evolution Issue was ‘Creation Science Enters the Race’

No sooner was Sarah Palin’s candidacy announced, than the Anchorage Daily republished an October 2006 article giving highlights of the then gubernatorial race between three candidates, Palin being one. Almost immediately, the paper has been deluged with request for comments, interviews, and transcripts to feed the frenzy, keeping their editors and writers quite busy.

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Dawkins undermines the Royal Society statement

Why was Richard Dawkins battering away at his keyboard before breakfast on Tuesday morning (16 Sept. 08), before his toast, marmalade and English tea were cold? The statement later published on the New Scientist website, apparently received just before the formal announcement from the Royal Society, contradicts the official reason Reiss was removed. Richard Dawkins […]