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USA Today fantasy: All is well in Britain between faith and science … scientists holler for Jesus in pulpits …

Here’s a textbook example of spin in the legacy media: We are told on the USA Today blog that in Britain all is well in “faith and science” due to “theistic evolution”: While impossible to quantify, a surprising number of prominent British researchers at the pinnacle of their fields, with worldwide reputations in the physical […]

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Evolution and Falsification

The following essay was originally Antony Flew’s “Theology and Falsification” that Flew read before the Socratic Club in 1950 in Oxford. C.S. Lewis was the president of the Socratic Club at that time. I replaced all of the “theological” language with “evolutionary” language. It seems very relevant in modern discussions of evolution. By the way, Flew is now a theist, […]

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Brand new finding in evolutionary psychology!: When the Selfish Gene is apparently on holiday, the Unselfish Gene kicks in …

Recently, commentator Dinesh D’Souza came up with an aid package for a most unlikely – though doubtless deserving – recipient. He considered it a scandal that George Obama, half-brother to the American Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama, lives in Third World poverty in a shack in Kenya:

Intelligent Design

ID is not science because…

ID is ineligible for consideration as science because theories that allow for the possibility of forces outside of nature can’t be tested or falsified. In light of that let’s look at what Ernst Mayr had to say in the introduction that appears in “Origin of Species”, Harvard University Press edition, 1964, p. xii: In Darwin’s […]