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Darwinism and popular culture: A columnist reminds me of its easy, empty phrases

In “A God who bleeds” (July 31, 2009), Jonah Goldberg notes, Oprah promised Obama would help us “evolve to a higher plane.” Deepak Chopra said Obama’s presidency represented “a quantum leap in American consciousness.” Last month, Newsweek editor Evan Thomas proclaimed that Obama stood “above the country, above — above the world, he’s sort of Read More…

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The Principle of “Methodological Counterintuitiveness”

I recently posted on op-ed in which I described that the concern in the 1970s was not global warming but global cooling (go here). Critics of that piece are now claiming that I’m misrepresenting the fabulous 70s and that “science” back then was not in fact claiming that the earth was cooling. I recall seeing Read More…

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Satirizing Scientism

I wanted to highlight a friend’s blog dedicated to “Mocking Scientism, Evolutionism, & the Arrogance of the Academy. Warning of the Dangers of Technological “Enhancement” of Human Beings. Exploring the Logic of Intelligent Design.” It covers a nice variety of topics from a new perspective.

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Uncommon Descent: Contest Question 7: “Foul anonymous Darwinist blogger exposed. Why so foul?” Winner announced

Uncommon Descent: Contest Question 7: “Foul anonymous Darwinist blogger exposed. Why so foul?” featured the opposite outcome from Contest Question 6. Only one person entered Question 6 (winner announced here), possibly because most of us are sick of hearing the term “crisis” used to mean any situation (in this case, genomics) that someone finds upsetting. Read More…

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Are Evolutionists Delusional (or just in denial)?

My friend Paul Nelson has the patience of Job. He writes that evolutionists, such as PZ Myers and Jerry Coyne, “need to think about [their theological arguments] more deeply.” In one moment evolutionists make religious arguments and in the next they claim their theory is “just science.” Their religious arguments, they explain, really aren’t religious Read More…

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‘That Wild-Haired Man And That Dapper Fellow’- Homing In On The Secret Of Life

Synopsis Of The Third Chapter Of  Signature In The Cell by Stephen Meyer ISBN: 9780061894206; ISBN10: 0061894206; Imprint: HarperOne   “Watson, with his wild hair and perfect willingness to throw off work for a Hedy Lamarr film, and Crick, a dapper and no longer especially young fellow who couldn’t seem to close the deal on his dissertation“(p.59).  Read More…