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Evolution, Theistic Evolution, and Intelligent Design

— Below is a beefed-up version of a piece I posted here at UD  earlier this year. The version below appeared at the Chuck Colson blog. — Evolution, Theistic Evolution, and Intelligent Design By William Dembski In 1993, well-known apologist William Lane Craig debated professional atheist Frank Zindler concerning the existence of the Christian God. […]

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What Francis Beckwith Gets Wrong about Intelligent Design

Francis Beckwith is one of the more interesting commentators on Darwinism and intelligent design.  Beckwith is intelligent and independently minded, willing to move with the evidence and the arguments, and thus capable of non-partisan thought on the issues. Originally a Protestant and a supporter of intelligent design as formulated by the major ID theorists, he […]

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The Templeton Prize for Regress in Religion

The Templeton Prize used to encourage progress in religion. Truly impressive people like Mother Teresa, Billy Graham, Stanley Jaki, and Alexander Solzhenitsyn once received this prize (go here for past winners). In the last decade, however, the Prize has been continually given to people inhabiting the Templeton Foundation’s inner circle, who promise to keep contemporary science […]

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The Fundamental Question

At his blog Santi Tafarella, a self-avowed agnostic, asks some interesting questions, no?  “How do you know that matter precedes mind at the beginning?  That would make contingent matter either eternal or self created, right?  How can that be?  Why, at the beginning, is self existent matter any less mysterious (ontologically) than self existent mind?  […]

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Documentary Film “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” Screening and Debate at Imperial College, London

A debate which took place last month at the Imperial College of London concerning the documentary film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (following a screening of the film) is available for your perusal here. Film Screening and Debate Details: “Unbelievable?”, a  Premier Christian Radio program (hosted by Justin Brierly), screened the film at Imperial College London, […]

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Junk DNA: The Real Story

By now you have probably heard about so-called junk DNA. In recent decades the genomes of a growing number of species have been mapped out. Not surprisingly, scientists did not understand how many of these DNA sequences worked. For instance, repetitive sequences are common, but what do they do? As these data accumulated evolutionists increasingly […]

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Are Falk, Miller, Dawkins, Ayala Socially Guilty? — Highlights of Pellionisz and Sternberg

We have been occasionally graced at UD by visits of DNA researcher Andras Pellionisz who wrote: the issue of “Junk” DNA itself is much more vital for human kind, since hundreds of millions are dying of “Junk DNA diseases” while the urgency of plunging into active research is overlooked because on ANY ideological grounds. Those […]

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Evolution: A One-in-a-Billion Shot

It is no surprise that there are scientific problems with evolution. Its predictions are continually turning out to be false. It undoubtedly ranks number one in faulty expectations. For instance, one of its primary predictions, common descent, has badly failed. The reconciliation of the molecular and the visible, morphological, features has been a major problem […]

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More coffee!!: Intellectual freedom in Canada: Ann Coulter visit

Controversial American lawyer and commentator descended on Canada, facing predictable demands from current and future tax burdens (= university admin and students who know a “free” breadbasket when they see one) that she be charged with/censored for hate speech. More here. Latest here: Coulter files human rights complaint in Canada. I hope exposing the shakedown […]