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Remembering Phil Skell

Casey Luskin reports the passing of our colleague and member of the National Academy of Sciences, Phil Skell. Philip S. Skell, sometimes called “the father of carbene chemistry,” is widely known for the “Skell Rule,” which was first applied to carbenes, the “fleeting species” of carbon. The rule, which predicts the most probable pathway through […]

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Intelligent Design – Pseudoscience or A Credible Challenge To Evolution?

As I previously noted, Michael Behe has been touring the UK this week, speaking in such cities as Belfast, Bournemouth, Cambridge, Glasgow, Leamington/Warwick, London, and Oxford. On Monday, Michael Behe debated the former director of the Royal Society, Michael Reiss, before an audience of invited guests – including scientists, religious leaders and secularists. The event […]

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Is PZ Myers the Future of Secular Humanism?

UD moderator Clive Hayden referred UD readers to an article at titled “The Future of Secular Humanism.” The article itself focused on a rift between the secular humanism old guard, represented by Paul Kurtz, and the new guard, represented by Ron Lindsay, who apparently ousted Kurtz from the various humanist organizations he had founded. […]

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UK Christians Embrace ID;

I had the privilege of attending Michael Behe’s talk at Westmister Chapel in London on Monday evening.   The talk was organised by Premier Christian Radio, so it is safe to assume that most of those in attendance were Christian listeners of that radio station. The hall was almost full as Professor Behe began his talk by illustrating how […]

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Secular Humanists Despise Each Other and Humanity

A friend of mine referred me to this article at about the recent 30th anniversary conference that The Center For Inquiry held in Los Angeles this past October. There seems to be a lot of disagreement among the influential in the movement advocating secular humanism. Despite calls for unity at the conference, a significant […]

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Glasgow Humanists Unable To Mount Successful Argument Against Behe

Michael Behe is currently on a speaking tour around the UK (tour website here), organised by the newly founded Centre for ID UK. Last night, I attended Behe’s Glasgow lecture. The evening was entitled “Darwin or Design – What Does the Science Really Say?” As is to be expected, Behe spoke both articulately and persuasively, […]

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“Evolution Readiness” and Other Tools for Teaching Evolution in Our Schools

Education Week has this article expounding on the fruitfulness of campaigns designed to educate our youth in the theory of evolution. When a federal court in 2005 rejected an attempt by the Dover, Pa., school board to introduce intelligent design as an alternative to evolution to explain the development of life on Earth, it sparked […]

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Sir Roger’s Revelation

In a previous blog, I had analyzed Sir Roger Penrose‘s new cosmology (CCC) as a reworking of Sir Fred Hoyle’s “Steady State Theory“. And of course, Sir Fred’s is a reworking of the Greek model of Democritus, and one of the three pillars of materialism. Also in the news is Hawking’s attempt to make the […]

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The video that proves Intelligent Design

Seeing is believing, and they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Over at, Brian Thomas has posted a fascinating article entitled, ATP synthase: majestic molecular machine made by a mastermind. ATP synthase is an enzyme that synthesizes an energy-rich compound, ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is used by almost every biochemical process […]