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Davies and Walker: Life not reducible to known physical principles

The “hard problem” of life From Arxiv: Chalmer’s famously identified pinpointing an explanation for our subjective experience as the “hard problem of consciousness”. He argued that subjective experience constitutes a “hard problem” in the sense that its explanation will ultimately require new physical laws or principles. Here, we propose a corresponding “hard problem of life” […]

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Methodological naturalism? 31 great scientists who made scientific arguments for the supernatural

It is often claimed that methodological naturalism is a principle which defines the scope of the scientific enterprise. Today’s post is about thirty-one famous scientists throughout history who openly flouted this principle, in their scientific writings, by putting forward arguments for a supernatural Deity. The term “methodological naturalism” is defined variously in the literature. All […]

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Atlantic asks, Is time real?

Dan Falk here: Last month, about 60 physicists, along with a handful of philosophers and researchers from other branches of science, gathered at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Canada, to debate this question at the Time in Cosmology conference. The conference was co-organized by the physicist Lee Smolin, an outspoken critic of […]

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Bias in policing: Does peer review even matter?

In an article on the question of bias in policing, from Slate: In practice, though, “peer review” refers to a bewildering array of methods and procedures. At least 1 million peer-reviewed articles are published every year, in at least 25,000 journals. At the narrow, top tier of this ecosystem, where prestigious journals filter out all […]

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New Scientist: Multiverse vs God

Possibly struggling to survive, New Scientist claims there is a 2500 year struggle between God and the multiverse: Modern physics has also wrestled with this “fine-tuning problem”, and supplies its own answer. If only one universe exists, then it is strange to find it so hospitable to life, when nearly any other value for the […]

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Insects defy aerodynamic laws

From ScienceDaily: The maneuvers of flying insects are unmatched by even the best pilots, and this might be due to the fact that these critters don’t obey the same aerodynamic laws as airplanes, a team of New York University researchers has found. “We’ve known for quite a while that the aerodynamic theory for airplanes doesn’t […]

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Atlantic: 150 years biology upended?

Someone found out that lichens involve more than one fungus with the algae?: “The findings overthrow the two-organism paradigm,” says Sarah Watkinson from the University of Oxford. “Textbook definitions of lichens may have to be revised.” “It makes lichens all the more remarkable,” adds Nick Talbot from the University of Exeter. “We now see that they […]