Human evolution News

Our prehistoric ancestors were just as violent as ourselves?

From Amy Middleton at Cosmos: The team calculated the percentage of deaths caused by members within the same species, which might include aggression, infanticide or cannibalism; or, among humans, war, homicide or execution. According to the findings, interpersonal violence represents about 2% of all deaths across the history of humans. This number was close to […]

News Peer review

Peer reviewers influenced by prestige? Say it ain’t so!

Well, Ben Andrew Henry is saying this at The Scientist: When a manuscript goes out for peer review, most medical journals inform their reviewers of the authors’ identities and affiliations, in what’s called a single-blind review. But new research suggests that concealing the identities of authors—double-blind review—could help reduce reviewer bias. In a study published […]

Chemistry Intelligent Design

Brazilian chemist explains how intelligent design informs his science

We talk to Marcos Eberlin, Thomson Mass Spectrometry Lab, Brazil: 1. Enezio tells me you are interested in the concept of design in nature. Do you relate it to your work in mass spectrometry or to other, larger issues, or both? J. J. Thomson, the father of mass spectrometry—the man who discovered the electron and won the Nobel […]