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What are the limits of Random Variation? A simple evaluation of the probabilistic resources of our biological world

Coming from a long and detailed discussion about the limits of Natural Selection, here: What are the limits of Natural Selection? An interesting open discussion with Gordon Davisson I realized that some attention could be given to the other great protagonist of the neo-darwinian algorithm: Random Variation (RV). For the sake of clarity, as usual, […]

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Fermi researcher: Dark matter field is in a state of “major disruption.” Rob Sheldon comments

Whatever dark matter is, is not what was expected. From Dan Hooper at Physics: The latest results from two dark matter searches have further ruled out many theoretically attractive dark matter particle candidates. The lack of a definitive detection of dark matter particles, in both underground experiments and at the Large Hadron Collider [4–7], has […]

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Ann Gauger’s cautious assessment of Scott Turner’s Purpose & Desire

With a number of apt quotations. From Ann Gauger on J. Scott Turner’s Purpose and Desire:What Makes Something “Alive” and Why Modern Darwinism Has Failed to Explain It at Evolution News & Views: Turner’s book is fascinating, stimulating, and befuddling by turns. He has interesting ideas but little to back them up, and in places […]

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The Alt-Right and The Antifa are Fundamentally the Same

The Alt-Right spouts “blood and soil,” white identity, and nationalism.  The Antifa is a child of totalitarian tolerance manifested in political correctness and identify politics.  While at first blush they might seem radically different, they are in fact fundamentally the same. They are fundamentally the same because they are both manifestations of materialist politics, and […]

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“It’s Emergent!” and “It’s Magical!” Have Equivalent Scientific Explanatory Power for Consciousness

Bruce Buff and Robert J. Spitzer write: But when it comes to the mind, this idea [i.e., emergence] has its issues. First, all scientifically observed emergence is actually unanticipated behavior resulting from known physical properties, and not new properties that exceed what physics can explain. Some materialists suggest that consciousness might emerge from physical processes […]

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Activists are mad at the March for Science? Good!

Keep them mad. Maybe serious science is coming up for oxygen… just maybe. From Emma Marris at Nature: On 23 October, a group of current and former volunteers posted an open letter to the central March for Science organization in New York City, alleging that it is secretive, insensitive to the concerns of its volunteers, […]

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Film: Darwinism and the human zoo

From David Klinghoffer at Evolution News & Views: In Human Zoos, Dr. West explores the shameful legacy of pseudo-scientific racism that has trailed Darwinian theory from its inception down to today, with the emergence of the so-called alt-right. The film will premiere at the Oregon Documentary Film Festival on Saturday evening, November 11. It will […]

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Museum of the Bible generates angst at Science (AAAS journal)

Lizzie Wade shares her worries about the new Museum of the Bible at Science: The grandiose new venture is bankrolled by the Greens, the billionaire family that owns the Hobby Lobby chain of craft stores. Since 2009, the Greens, evangelical Christians known for their successful Supreme Court challenge to the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that health […]

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Did the Protestant Reformation spur science?

Not really, says David Wootton at Nature: But it is still widely argued by historians of science that the Protestant religion and the new science were inextricably intertwined, as Protestantism turned away from the spirituality of Catholicism and fostered a practical engagement with the world, exemplified in the idea that a person’s occupation was their […]

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Physicist: The Galileo dispute involved science as well as religion

Of course. From physicist Christopher Graney at Aeon: In 1614, when the telescope was new technology, a young man in Germany published a book filled with illustrations of the exciting new things being discovered telescopically: moons circling Jupiter, moon-like phases of Venus, spots on the Sun, the rough and cratered lunar surface. The young man […]

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Geneticist defends possible Adam and Eve in Nature: Ecology and Evolution

Against theistic evolutionists who insist that a single human pair is not biologically possible. Recently, British plant geneticist Richard Buggs posted a letter he had sent in May to BioLogos’ Dennis Venema, taking issue with the claim that a population of 10,000 is required, as stated in Dennis Venema and Scot McKnight, Adam and the […]

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At public evolution meeting in Scotland, crowd told: “gene” is not an accurate term

Well, that’s certainly not what Grandma learned about genes and evolution at school. Would it be legal to teach that in the United States? From Suzan Mazur at HuffPost: Although there could have been a bit more science presented at the recent D’Arcy Thompson On Growth and Form centenary celebration in Scotland at Dundee and […]

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Philip Cunningham: Quantum mechanics is as weird as we thought

No help for materialism. – Reflecting light off satellite backs up Wheeler’s quantum theory thought experiment – October 26, 2017 – Bob Yirka: Excerpt: Back in the late 1970s, physicist Johan Wheeler tossed around a thought experiment in which he asked what would happen if tests allowed researchers to change parameters after a photon was […]