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Climate change

Talking to “science deniers”? How about a bit of self-reflection first?

Chivers, science editor at Unherd: "It’s mainly a book designed to tell readers that people they already think are dumb are, in fact, dumb. It is, really, How to Talk to A Contemptible Idiot Who Is Kind of Evil. " That won't be much use with serious problems science can help with. Read More ›

This time, climate change helped do in the Neanderthals

Eventually, there will be more explanations for the demise of the Neanderthals as a separate group than there were Neanderthals. But never mind, the series has plenty of episodes to run in the meantime. Read More ›
Climate History of Earth--Eocene to Present 2020

Climate History–We’re in an Ice Age!

This press release from Phys.Org has an image that is worth, as they say, “a thousand words.” ( See here. ) The color-coded temperature divides on the right-hand side of the chart should not deceive you. Instead, simply move your eyes to the left. You’ll notice that we’re looking at a continuous plot of temperature, for the most part (except for the gap in the Pleistocene Era) and which continues on into the Holocene (present era). So, then, look at how the left side of the chart is characterized: Hothouse, Warmhouse, Coolhouse, and Icehouse. Now notice that our present temperatures fall in the ICEHOUSE portion of this 60 million year history of earth’s temperatures. Shouldn’t this chart alone be enough …

Sabine Hossenfelder says predictions are overrated; Rob Sheldon responds

Sheldon: … ironically, most of Sabine's blogs are about the poor predictive power in particle theory, but in this blog she feels she has to reverse herself to defend the good name of global warming. My advice to her is to stick with what she has first-hand knowledge of, because 2nd-hand knowledge always suffers from authoritarian bias. Read More ›

Wikipedia erases list of climate skeptics

Even if everything is all pristine and honest with climate science today, the settled habit of simply censoring opposing views inevitably corrupts. Over time it corrupts absolutely. Darwinism is paying the price even now for that kind of thing, if we go by the defensive Darwinblather around the current, sublime embarrassment of de novo genes. Read More ›

Would Gaia worship or panpsychism be a better religion for climate change hysterics?

We ask on account of this paper on how to talk to people who think that climate change isn’t as bad as many are making out. Rob Sheldon wonders why a science faculty is so much more concerned with psychology than facts. Read More ›

Neurosurgeon Michael Egnor explains why new atheism was doomed to die young

Anyone who didn’t immediately accept all this new atheist rubbish as Big Insight was a moron, right? But Dr. Egnor goes on to warn that reason will not emerge victorious from a horse laugh at the declining new atheists’ expense. Read More ›

Climate Change: How to Lie without appearing to Lie

Here’s almost 40 years of climate models, starting in 1971–when “Global Cooling” was feared, to the Hansen models in the 1980’s, the first in 1981 and the second in 1988, and the last ones by the IPCC, Assessment Reports (AR) from the 1990’s to about 2010. Notice that the decadal rate of temperature increase remains almost the SAME for the entire 40 year period! And notice how the early models–mostly in the 1970’s when ‘cooling’ was in vogue, are very close to actuals. It’s only when super-duper “climate change models” were devised in the 90’s and later on that the sizable deviations occur. So, here’s the ‘lie’: these authors claim that climate change models actually stack up quite well to Read More ›

Science decadence: A “Woke” medical journal’s war on having kids

When institutions get this crazy (and Berezow provides a number of further examples of Lancet gone crazy) , it’s usually because their reason for existence has been undermined. Is it Lancet that we don’t need any more or medical journals generally? We’ll be able to find out by seeing whether a number of other journals follow suit and ramp up the crazy. Read More ›