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“Let’s see them rip up Dr. Neto’s science papers… “

A usually gentle reader writes to say, “If these flappers had any real courage of conviction, they would print sets of every one of the papers and proceed to tear them in half at press conferences, AAAS and Royal Society meetings, on BioLogos videos, etc. Come on Bill Nye! Richard Dawkins! Jerry Coyne! There must be grants for that sort of thing. Templeton? The bar for truth-telling in the public square has been dramatically raised this week.”

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ID as a big tent

Michael Denton in interview: He goes on, “As for your hint that you can only be an intelligent design [proponent] if you have some a priori theological or religious view, I disagree with that entirely because it doesn’t apply to me. Most of my life I have been pretty agnostic and would only describe myself perhaps as a backsliding Christian, though I’m not in any sense a fervent believer in a God, or the Christian God.”

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Are Christians just “less hireable” in science?

Note: “Taken together, these studies indicate that perceived bias against Christians in science may contribute to underrepresentation of Christians but actual bias against Christians in science may be restricted to a specific type of Christianity that scientists call fundamentalist and/or evangelical.” Well, Christians pay taxes for science and it’s really up to them to launch actions against actual bias incidents. No?

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Large and giant virus proteins not linked to any known virus lineage

So giant viruses often boost host metabolism instead of destroying it and “the team was still unable to link 20,000 major capsid proteins of large and giant viruses to any known virus lineage”? Creation ex nihilo? Hey, don’t laugh.. Look, these days, they can’t even get mouse or human sperm to buy into Darwinism. Why would giant viruses care?