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Trust the Science! and see where it gets you: The disgraced New York State governor COVID-19 edition

Essentially, COVID enabled the“Trust the Science!” elite to parade their Virtue at the expense of the lives of many others. If you, gentle reader, are one of the “others,” we suggest you don’t forget that. And don’t expect to hear much of this in the Cool media either because it mainly affects people who Don’t Matter.

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A pharma science prof explains how to “confront anti-science”

No. The question isn’t whether science is a good thing but whether the current establishment is in fact focused on science or on maintaining/regaining control through pronouncements about “science” and edicts stemming from those pronouncements. One needn’t look far to see examples of the latter. And what to do about that is the discussion we need to have.

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What “Trust the Science” does with massive amounts of data: Withholds it!

West goes on to point out other instances. The big question is, has secretiveness, deception, and a resulting hunger for authoritarian rule based on “science” has become a way of life in the upper echelons of a high-tech society? And then the biggest questions looms: What to do about it? At one time, it was just Darwin gibber in the schools and such-like stuff. Now it is getting more serious.