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Darwinism Is Rocket Science!

As some UD readers may be aware, I earn my living in the aerospace research and development field, with a specialty in guidance, navigation and control (GN&C). When asked what I do for a living, I usually respond, “Well, it’s basically rocket science.” This brief audio file, which our aerospace engineers have studied with much […]

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Blythian evolution explains antibiotic resistance, not Darwinism

I was nicknamed “Gas.” Charles Darwin Autobiography Is evolution of antibiotic resistance by bacteria an example of Darwinism? Such a claim is very suspicious since Darwinism deals mainly with the origin of species. Evolution of antibiotic resistance is an example of survival of the fittest within a species, not an origin of species. This phenomenon […]

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Debate between Alister McGrath and Peter Atkins

A special debate between Alister McGrath, Professor of Historical Theology at Oxford University, author of “Dawkins’ God” and “The Dawkins Delusion” and Peter Atkins, Professor of Chemistry at Oxford University, well-known atheist and supporter of Richard Dawkins. As seen on Channel 4’s “The trouble with atheism”. This event was organised jointly by The University of […]