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Halloween frite: First venomous crustacean found

Okay, due to technical hassles, we missed the Fri nite frite last week, but whaddayaknow, if it isn’t Halloween. We can’t do a spook frite because the Darwinian atheists beat us to it (at least one of them believes in them, and he isn’t the only one either). Believing in them ruddy spoils the fun! Here’s something to contemplate between the gaggles of kids showing up for treats, while you munch popcorn shrimp: First venomous crustacean found The blind “remipede” liquefies its prey with a compound similar to that found in a rattlesnake’s fangs. It lives in underwater caves of the Caribbean, Canary Islands and Western Australia, … The venom contains a complex cocktail of toxins, including enzymes and a Read More ›