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The Wayne Campbell of Oxford

In a masterful display of witty rhetoric… Response from Richard “Girly Man” Dawkins “Anybody who resorts to tactics of desperation like this has to be a real loser. Dembski is a loser”…

The Church Lady of Nuclear Physics

Dana Carvey or David Heddle? You be the judge… Something new for the CV “This is damn embarrassing.” “This post was on the adult blog, Uncommon Descent” Doctor Heddle, you’re not half as embarrassed as I’ll be if you reveal the author of that email offering to make you an author on Uncommon Descent. 😛

Reporter caught telling lies in attempt to infiltrate Cornell IDEA club

Reporter Celeste Biever of New Scientist was caught apparently telling lies in an attempt to infiltrate the Cornell IDEA club according to club president Hannah Maxson. In the IDEA club’s letter of protest to Biever’s employer, Maxson wrote:

it appears that your reporter acted unethically and lied to us about her identity and falsely claimed she was a Cornell student in an unnecessary ruse to obtain information from us

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[Really Off Topic] Technological Evolution

Let’s lighten things up a little: The only way I can think of to connect this to ID in any manner is DaveScot’s contention that evolution will continue via self-modification. Other than that, I just thought it was funny.

ID culture a part of Starbuck’s coffee culture?

wesley smith

In response to Bill’s earlier thread Who said evolution wasn’t progressive, to say nothing of warm and fuzzy?, Rob Crowther posted a followup here: Beasts in the Forest.

Crowther points out Discovery Institute CSC Fellow Wesley Smith has a quote appearing on Starbuck’s coffee cups. Read More ›

What is a “pseudo-journalist”?

Wesley Elsberry, in blogging about Denyse O’Leary’s recent coming on board here at UD, refers to her as a “pseudo-journalist” (go here)? What a curious designation. Does Wesley’s use of the prefix “pseudo” simply indicate his disapproval of O’Leary and, in particular, her failure to accept his brand of evolution? Or does the prefix indicate something substantive (Denyse, did you come on board here under false pretenses? Are you really a journalist at all? What exactly have you published in recognized media outlets?) If Denyse is in fact a real journalist, does that make Elsberry a “pseudo-blogger”?