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Coffee!: Extinct tree’s seed proves viable

Unearthed from 2000 years ago in a clay jar: Story: Today, the living archeological treasure continues to grow and thrive; In 2011, it even produced its first flower — a heartening sign that the ancient survivor was eager to reproduce. Maybe heartening. Some of us have spent a lot of time we will never see again killing useless weeds with similar ambitions. 😉

Fri nite frite: Top ten deadliest spiders

Deadly years ago, your usual news writer fended off critics of her housekeeping who wanted to know why she did not kill spiders. Well, the only explanation she could think of was the obvious one, they kill a bunch of stuff we don’t appreciate particularly, so we don’t have to. Here’s how:

Atheism Defined (Just for Fun)

I don’t know the actual origination of this quote.  Its been on T-shirts and such.  If anyone knows the actual source, please let us know.  Meanwhile, enjoy! (Atheists: its okay to laugh at yourselves, too!) ATHEISM: The belief that there was nothing & nothing happened to nothing & then nothing magically exploded for no reason, creating everything & then a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for no reason what so ever into self-replicating bits which then turned into dinosaurs. Makes Perfect Sense.

Alien Alert!!! New Study!!!:60billion Planets Could Support Life in Our Galaxy!!!

Recently some astronomers have dramatically increased their estimates of how many planets in our little corner of the Cosmos might fall in the habitable zone around red dwarf stars!  There could be as many as 60,000,000,000 such habitable planets in the Milky Way alone! Based on data from NASA’s planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft, scientists have predicted that there should be one Earth-size planet in the habitable zone of each red dwarf, the most common type of star. But a group of researchers has now doubled that estimate after considering how cloud cover might help an alien planet support life. “Clouds cause warming, and they cause cooling on Earth,” study researcher Dorian Abbot, an assistant professor in geophysical sciences at the University of Read More ›

Holy Rollers, Pascal’s Wager, If ID is wrong it was an honest mistake

A scandalous documentary about Christian gamblers was released in 2012 with me listed in the credits. 🙂 The documentary is about a group of Christians, the Holy Rollers, that took the casinos for 3.5 million dollars. Myself, by comparison, I’ve accumulated a relatively paltry sum of $30,000 or so over the years. I’ve been tossed out of casinos and abused because I tried to use my brain in the casino. Casinos, like Darwinists, will say: Expelled No Intelligence Allowed!. I took Turtle Creek Casino in Michigan for $6,000 before they illegally backroomed me. Similarly, I was forcibly escorted out of Hollywood Tunica (thankfully Hollywood got sued for $729,000 for pulling such stunts on other honest players like myself in an Read More ›

Dawkins mutation in the mind music video: “this is your brain on bad acid”

In the video, Dawkins gets his head split open and then all we see are his brains and eyeballs, then they multiply…. at the end he says, “as for me, I’d rather spread memes than genes anyway.” We then see him tooting his own horn while a dinosaur swallows a shark. The video that Richard Dawkins made for an advertising company in Cannes is like a particularly vivid anti-drug commercial: this is your brain on bad acid, except, of course, that this is a portrait of a brain wrecked by self-importance. Richard Dawkins Meaningless Meme Skip to about 4:50 to see the video. [youtube GFn-ixX9edg] Enjoy! HT: Mike Gene PS Despite all the sadness in the world, the few glimpses Read More ›

Evolutionary Prediction About Humans

A visual artist and a Ph.D. in computational genomics have gotten together to predict what we mere human mortals will look like in, say, 100,000 years. Given the prediction, I for one am glad I won’t be around to see it actually happen. The current design appeals to me much more. But maybe others will feel differently.