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Avi Loeb

Harvard Astronomer: Aliens visited in 2017! Now a book!

Okay, Oumuamua is unusual. But here’s what seems even more unusual. That a Harvard astronomer would be retailing stories that, sixty years ago, were the domain of tabloid magazines. And people are listening seriously. Read More ›

From the “They’re Out There” files: New Scientist cautious on that strange radio signal

These are curious times in science, as fact and reason appear less attractive every day to just the people one would expect to value them and people who might have been able to get away with tabloid news show more sense instead. Read More ›

It turns out! Not only was space junk Oumuamua an “extraterrestrial lightsail” but our whole universe might be an alien’s experiment!

The stuff that comes out of Harvard these days and gets published in Scientific American used to be tabloid news. What has changed? Read More ›