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Canadian Freedom Convoy

Truckers to government: We are not your lab rats any more

The last word in elite cluelessness belongs to Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson: “It’s disturbing when you see the protest turning into what looks like some kind of a fun carnival, where they’ve got bouncy castles and hot tubs and saunas, a complete insult to the people who are putting up with this nonsense for the last seven days, and it shows a great deal of insensitivity,” ... Mr. Watson, kids - who are not at significant risk via COVID - have been in elite progressive COVID-19 jail for years. Soon, other parents are also going to get red-pilled and start liberating their kids from Trust the Science! jail. And trust them to think they have the right to ask some hard questions. Read More ›

A characteristic of our times: Anarchy from above: Canadian truckers edition

Here’s what resistance to the anarchy means in Canada: The Convoy was peaceful compared to most demos. We just want to COVID Crazy to end. It’s not doing anything but harm. But GoFundMe has now seized the $10 million dollars Canadians contributed to the support of those camped in Ottawa aiming to end the destructive lockdowns and will give it to charities instead. Read More ›