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David Snoke

At Mind Matters News: Is information physical? It depends on what you mean by physical…

Information makes things happen but, curiously, it erases its own history. You’ve read a book in order but can’t know if it was written in that order. Maybe the author started with pivotal Chapter 5, then wrote Chapter 1. Design of any kind does not come with a history included. Read More ›

Article by David Snoke: Spontaneous Appearance of Life and the Second Law of Thermodynamics

Dr. Snoke's recent article, published in Biocosmos, dives into the important topic of the link between the 2nd law of thermodynamics, information theory, and living systems. He explores the notion of physical law, similar to the 2nd law, that applies to information, and concludes that "there is a fundamental entropy problem with the origin of life." Read More ›

Physicist David Snoke: Living systems must obey the same rules as Maxwell’s demons

Snoke: I argue that information and entropy are objective physical quantities, defined for systems as a whole, which allow general arguments in terms of physical law. In particular, I argue that living systems obey the same rules as Maxwell’s demons. Read More ›