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Kurt Gödel

Robert J. Marks: How materialism proves unbounded scientific ignorance

Mathematician Kurt Gödel showed that there is an infinite number of truths that are provably unprovable. That's bad news for scientism, though not for science. Read More ›

Kurt Gödel was unhappy with atheism and finally he blasted one fashionable type to smithereens

More scandalous still, Gödel was not a Darwinist: “I believe that mechanism in biology is a prejudice of our time which will be disproved.” Read More ›

New at Inference Review: On the Mind-Machine Problem

Pachon: After all the tangle of modernism, Gödel left us as at the beginning: it is not merely that we cannot make a determination, but that even our most formal systems require faith—just like before modernism began. Read More ›

Eric Holloway: Math shows why the mind can’t be reduced to a formula

Holloway: The fundamental implication is that nothing within math, science, and technology can create information. Yet information is all around us. This problem arises in many areas: evolution, artificial intelligence, economics, and physics. Read More ›

Faith: Even mathematics depends on some unprovable assumptions

Pachón: The result was shattering. Gödel showed the limitations of any formal axiomatic system in modeling basic arithmetic. He showed that no axiomatic system could be complete and consistent at the same time. Read More ›