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Paul Sutter

Has string theory really fallen this time?

Paul Sutter: "They argue that all possible configurations of compact dimensions are realized, each one with its own unique universe and set of physical laws, and we happen to live in this one because life would be impossible in most or all of the others. That’s not the strongest argument to come out of physics, but I’ll save a dissection of the idea for another day." Read More ›

At Astronomy.com: The universe may be more unstable than you think

So, physics researchers have found more fine-tuning: yet another feature of our universe upon which our entire existence is contingent. When combined with the many other fine-tuned parameters of physics necessary for life to exist, we have growing reason to doubt that "luck" is the explanation. Read More ›

At UnDark: Is risk aversion ruining science?

Sutter: I’ve met many junior scientists who were given similar advice, and senior scientists — now that I number among their ranks — confide that their top priority is in achieving deltas: a physics jargon word that they use here to refer to tiny, incremental advances of their current research. Read More ›

Asked at Space.com: Could gravity itself be the origin of dark matter?

Paul Sutter: A new model of the very early universe proposes that the graviton, the quantum mechanical force carrier of gravity, flooded the cosmos with dark matter before normal matter even had a chance to get started. Read More ›

Universities? Do poor science career prospects contribute to far out theory and Cancel Culture?

Far out theory (e.g., “Advanced aliens engineered the Big Bang…) may be one way of standing out in the crowd — and Cancel Culture is definitely a way of thinning that crowd. Sutter’s suggestions are worth pondering. Read More ›

Physicist Brian Miller reflects on claims that the universe had no beginning

Miller: Sutter asserts that Bento and Zalel’s article offers a credible response against the evidence for a cosmic beginning. Yet this claim is only based on what might be possible in the realm of the imagination. Read More ›

Astrophysicist: Nothingness” may be the answer to our cosmic questions; Rob Sheldon responds

Rob Sheldon: This article illustrates the reason why the scientific method is going extinct, not just in Darwin's circular logic, but also in physics and cosmology. Read More ›