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Has Darwinism Contributed Less to Science than Alchemy?

On another UD thread there was discussion about an amazing piece of biological molecular machinery and the deficiencies of Darwinian processes to account for it. The bottom line is that Darwinists are looking in the wrong place for an explanation (random variation and natural selection), just as alchemists did when trying to figure out how Read More…

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Freedom of Religious Expression Protection Act of 2007

The act, often abbreviated “PERA” (Public Expression of Religion Act) was introduced introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2006 and was passed by a strong majority. It was not considered by the Senate in 2006. Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) has reintroduced it to the Senate for 2007. The act prohibits the award of attorney’s Read More…

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The Secret Handshake

Remember to use the secret handshake whenever you need to get an ID paper past the Darwinian goalies: “Although these observations do not undermine Darwin’s theory, …” ABSTRACT: According to classical evolutionary theory, phenotypic variation originates from random mutations that are independent of selective pressure. However, recent findings suggest that organisms have evolved mechanisms to Read More…

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The real story about Templeton and ID? – an inhouse power struggle?

Riffing off Joey Campana’s valuable backgrounder on the REAL relationship between the Templeton Foundation andID, Denyse O’Leary suggests that there is a power struggle  going on over at Templeton, with funding for ID as a key bone of contention. How else to reconcile the views of honcho Charles Harper and honchess Pamela Thompson? They are not Read More…

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Yet Another Irreducible Complexity No-Brainer — Twisted Ropes

For those who missed it, check out this animation presented by DaveScot. I find the phenomenon of the DNA supercoiling problem and its biochemical solution even more compelling than examples like protein synthesis and the bacterial flagellum, since twisted ropes are familiar to everyone. This might make for another highly persuasive ID mascot.

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UCLA Chair in Sexual Orientation Law — That’s Okay; UCLA Chair in Intelligent Design — No Way

How much more difficult will it be to get an endowed ID chair at a major state university? Thanks to a more than $1-million donation from a gay male couple who hope one day to marry in California, UCLA’s law school is planning to establish what is described as the nation’s first endowed academic chair Read More…

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Who are the (multiple) designers? James Shapiro offers some compelling answers

Is there only one Designer of life or are their multiple designers? Here is James Shapiro’s take: Bacteria are small but not stupid: Cognition, natural genetic engineering, and sociobacteriology Bacteria as natural genetic engineers…. This remarkable series of observations requires us to revise basic ideas about biological information processing and recognize that even the smallest Read More…

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A Meaningful Universe Rigged For Humankind: ID, Music, And Technology

Here’s a thought about anthropic “coincidences.” Michael Denton, in his book Nature’s Destiny: How the Laws of Biology Reveal Purpose in the Universe (a tour de force which cannot be summarized here), points out that if metals could not have been smelted and refined at temperatures reachable through carbon-based fire, technology could never have arisen. Read More…