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Melkikh’s Improbability of Darwinism and deterministic evolution model

Is is said that in the USA one can criticize politics but not evolution, while in Russia one can criticize evolution but not politics. The Russian author Alexey Melkikh provides the most spectacular improbability of Darwinian evolution that I have seen. He then proposes a mode of evolution without mutation. As some readers have asked […]

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Grape Expectations and Interpreting Evidence

From The Boston Globe: Can expectations influence how we judge the evidence? SCIENTISTS AT CALTECH and Stanford recently published the results of a peculiar wine tasting. They provided people with cabernet sauvignons at various price points, with bottles ranging from $5 to $90. Although the tasters were told that all the wines were different, the […]

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How Evolution will be Taught Someday

In any debate, it is always good strategy to acknowledge your opponent’s strongest points up front, effectively taking those points off the table. The evolutionist’s strongest points are the fact that science has been so successful to date in finding “natural” (unintelligent) causes in other areas of science, and the fact that the development of […]

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Global Cooling Sets In; Al Gore Apologizes for Trying to Send Everyone Into A Tizzy Over Global Warming

 The second part of the headline is false.  The first part is true.  See the article in the Daily Tech here.  Excerpt:  All four major global temperature tracking outlets (Hadley, NASA’s GISS, UAH, RSS) have released updated data. All show that over the past year, global temperatures have dropped precipitously. Meteorologist Anthony Watts compiled the results […]


ID in my Daughter’s Science Class

I recently assisted my daughter with a most interesting project for her 8th grade science class. The assignment was to learn about a Biome, write a report on it, then design an animal to live in it. The students were to provide a description of the characteristics of their animal which suited it to life […]

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“Another two-fingered salute to the opponents of evolution”

New Scientist February 16, 2008 Dan Jones Pg. 40-43 heavily edited. Full text here. “William Paley, who argued that the natural world is full of designed complexity which must have a creator, would have considered the bacterial flagellum an excellent example. The flagellum, with its intricate arrangement of interconnecting parts, looks no less designed than […]