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New Cellular Animation: Journey Inside the Cell

Dr. Stephen Meyer, author of Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design, narrates a new video illustrating evidence for intelligent design within the cell.  This excellent new video illustrates aspects of the role of information in the cell including protein synthesis. From Evolution News and Views: “This video is going to make things […]

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Stephen Meyer Interviewed by Greg Koukl

Greg Koukl of Stand To Reason interviewed Steve Meyer yesterday on Greg’s radio show. The interview (actually more of a dialog) was extremely comprehensive, although it was primarily centered around Meyer’s new book, Signature in the Cell. Greg is extremely bright and articulate, as is Steve, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the exchange. You can […]

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“The intellectual equivalent of spray painting graffiti”

The folks at have their panties in a bunch over some of my class assignments (go here): Thanks to Baron Scarpia for alerting us to this website, which outlines the rigorous academic standards [Quote-miners, please note: this is sarcasm] which William Dembski’s students have to achieve in his courses on Intelligent Design and Christian […]

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Reverend Barry Lynn Blasts Infidels Who Refuse to Venerate Darwinius

On May 26, 2009 Reverend Barry Lynn offered his characterization of infidels who refuse to venerate Darwinius. His tirade (supported by Eugenie Scott) can be found here: Show #1415 Eugenie Scott, Susan Russell. Some excerpts: Reverend Barry Lynn : The more new evidence that develops the more some people dig in to their erroneous earlier […]

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The Dangers of “Scientific” Consensus

On another forum I was alerted to the following, concerning scientific consensus and the debate about continental drift that raged in the first half of the twentieth century: ³The verdict of paleontologists is practically unanimous: almost all agree in opposing [Alfred Wegener’s hypothesis that the continents used to be one land mass and have since […]

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“Please Be My Toothpick You Scrumptious Old Wrasse!”

Synopsis Of The Third Chapter Of Nature’s IQ By Balazs Hornyanszky and Istvan Tasi ISBN 978-0-9817273-0-1 Mutualism and symbiosis are terms that budding biologists are all too familiar with by the time they begin their university careers. We all learn about the cooperativity that exists amongst many of our world’s creatures and the benefits they […]

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Hieroglyphs – the Linguistic Challenge to Darwinism

What properties of the four forces of nature predict linguistic sequences? Or can an intelligent cause be inferred from the discovery and decryption of hieroglyphics? That is the foundational challenge to Darwinism in explaining the discovery and deciphering of the Indus hieroglyphs. Markov analysis is being used to identify sequence patterns and uncover the language […]

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HGT Unseating Darwin

Genes may be freely shared around, but where did they come from is the first place? Collectivist revolution in evolution Mark Buchanan Nature Physics 5, 531 (2009) doi:10.1038/nphys1352 excerpts “A coming revolution in biology, may go so far as to unseat Darwinian evolution as the key explanatory process in biology. The evidence for this radical […]