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ID-friendly Brazilian prof wins medal

A friend writes to draw attention to this. Skinny: Marcos Eberlin of the University of Campinas, Brazil, has received the 2016 Thomson Medal for outstanding achievement in mass spectrometry. This prize is awarded biennially by the International Mass Spectrometry Foundation, and will be presented at their upcoming meeting in Toronto. Eberlin is said to be […]

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An open letter to Archbishop Jerome Listecki

Your Excellency, I humbly ask you to strike a blow for academic freedom, free speech and religious freedom, by publicly forbidding Marquette University from calling itself a Catholic university henceforth, and by revoking the mandate of theology teachers at Marquette University to teach theology. In this letter, I’d like to explain why I believe these […]

Evolution News

Fish mouth filters have complex design

People looking for easy-evolve simplicity missed this: From Nature Communications: Suspension-feeding fishes had been assumed to use dead-end mechanical sieving, in which fluid passes perpendicularly through the filter, whereas particles that are too large to exit through the pores are retained by sieving on the filter surface7. In contrast, crossflow filtration in suspension-feeding fish species […]

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Humans in Germany 1 mya?

From Popular Archaeology: Now researchers Günter Landeck and Joan Garcia Garriga report, for the first time, evidence of early human butchery in the form of cut marks on animal bones and intentional hammerstone-related bone breakage. These human-modified bones were recovered in a small faunal subsample excavated from levels with simple ‘Mode 1’ stone tools. The […]

Epigenetics News

Mechanism for passing on epigenetic memories identified?

From ScienceDaily: Dr. Rechavi and his team had previously identified a “small RNA inheritance” mechanism through which RNA molecules produced a response to the needs of specific cells and how they were regulated between generations. “We previously showed that worms inherited small RNAs following the starvation and viral infections of their parents. These small RNAs […]

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Oldest known multicellulars are Ediacaran seaweed 555 mya

From ScienceDaily: Their age is estimated to be more than 555 million years old, placing the fossils in the last part of Precambrian times, called the Ediacaran Period. They provide a crucial view of Earth’s earliest evolution of multicellular life, which scientists now think started millions of years earlier than previously thought. … Scientists think […]

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The metallome: New origin of life hopeful

From Nautilus: A collection of metal atoms called the “metallome” helped drive evolution. The metallome is even changing how we think about life on other planets. The energy required to drive cyclic chemical reactions that are self-replicating—what we might call “life”—could come from reactions of the metallic elements. Our search for extraterrestrial life shouldn’t be […]

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Flores man died out sooner than thought

Current humans killed them researchers say: From ScienceDaily: An ancient species of pint-sized humans discovered in the tropics of Indonesia may have met their demise earlier than once believed, according to scientists who reinvestigated the original finding. The group challenges reports that these inhabitants of remote Flores island co-existed with modern humans for tens of […]

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Darwin’s naturalist catechism

Indoctrination provided painlessly through media and schools: From Salvo: Just as a fish doesn’t “notice” water unless the creek dries up, we often do not notice the catechism underlying the news stories, which forestalls our asking critical questions. Consider the story from late last summer that announced that chimpanzees and monkeys “have entered” the Stone […]

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A Tunable Mechanism Determines the Duration of the Transgenerational Adaptations

Organisms adapt to environmental challenges. In fact, many different organisms adapt in non-homologous ways to many different, unforeseen, environments. This contradicts evolution. For we are not talking about random changes occurring by chance, occasionally getting luck enough to confer an adaptation, and then propagating throughout the population. We’re not talking about an evolutionary process of […]