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The junk science of the abortion lobby

Pediatric neurosurgeon Michael Egnor : Fetuses not only experience pain but experience it more intensely than do adults: “Much of pro-abortion advocacy is science denial—the deliberate misrepresentation of science to advance an ideological agenda. Mary Ziegler, a law professor at Florida State University, wrote a misleading essay on that theme in the New York Times, Read More…

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Raining carrots: Falsifiability does not, by itself, make for good science

In short, she is saying, the universe wasn’t supposed to be like this and that’s the basis for the current crisis in cosmology. One can always invent “falsifiable” theories but their falsifiability is not in itself a virtue; it is simply the basis for them being theories in science at all. The question of whether they should be pursued or funded is a quite different one.

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Knock Me Over With a Feather; Jerry Coyne is Being Honest About the Meaninglessness of Subjective Morality

Writing at his blog: With few exceptions, most scientists and philosophers think that morality is at bottom based on human preferences. And though we may agree on many of those preferences (e.g., we should do what maximizes “well being”), you can’t show using data that one set of preferences is objectively better than another. (You Read More…

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Do ageless bacteria beneath Earth’s surface give life to panspermia theories?

Some of us think panspermia gets a bad rap; that is, it is classed with “They’re OUT There!” theories about intelligent aliens. It is really a much more straightforward question whether life forms could survive extreme conditions and, in general, we are finding life in more extreme conditions all the time.

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Science fiction writer Vox Day on the “darkstream descent” of Darwin’s theory of evolution

He offers seven reasons for rational dissent and doubt: 1. The evidence doesn’t exist. 2. The historical timelines that purportedly support it are constantly mutating. 3. The theory is a complete failure as a predictive model. 4. The theory is scientifically and technologically irrelevant. There are no evolutionary engineers. 5. Theoretical epicycles are increasingly required Read More…

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Logic and First Principles, 10: Knowable Moral Truth and Moral Government vs. Nihilistic Manipulation

One of the issues we must face is whether there is enduring moral truth that can be warranted to such a degree that it rightly governs our thoughts, words (especially in argument) and deeds. Where, given that we have an inner voice (conscience) that testifies to duty under moral law, as well as an inescapable Read More…

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Earth’s core hardened just in time to prevent magnetic field collapse

Around 565 million years ago, just when life was getting seriously underway: The finding, reported online January 28 in Nature Geoscience, supports an idea previously proposed by simulations that Earth’s inner core is relatively young. It also provides insight into how, and how quickly, Earth has been losing heat since its formation 4.54 billion years ago Read More…