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The “purely evolutionary perspective” is a waste of time

Only a “purely evolutionary perspective” would fail to see that the primary reasons for the survival of old women are intelligence and culture. Some old women are useful; some are not. But intelligence causes most of them not to avoid stupid situations where they just get killed (the way an animal might). And cultural values, carefully nurtured by the old women themselves, cause their survival to be valued. Treat this sort of evolutionary biology the way you would treat grievance studies. Be polite.

Animal minds brains and computation vs contemplation Food for thought

Reader Pat Suwonpanich provides food for thought on hearing and consciousness

Pat Suwonpanich has made a comment on hearing and sound as a mental phenomenon leading to questions of conscious mind that I think is worth pondering by one and all, so let us headline (with slight edits): >>For those who wanna read less-technical article on hearing, I have tried to write my own article as Read More…

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At Forbes: The “miracle” hope for finding the dark matter of the universe is dead

The WIMP (Weakly Interacting Massive particles) model has just not worked out: We understand how the Standard Model particles behave. We have solid predictions for how they should interact through all of the fundamental forces, and experimental confirmation of those theories. We also have extraordinary constraints on how they’re permitted to interact in a beyond-the-Standard-Model Read More…

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Jerry Coyne on how mathematician John Lennox embarrasses himself

We recommend you listen to the podcast, watch the video, and ignore Jerry. In fairness, he has got at least as far as realizing that anti-Semitism is a problem among the raging Woke. We can’t ask for more than that just now. It’s hard for a Darwinian to understand a mathematician anyway. We’ve seen it a few times before. Something about things adding up.

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Detroit: Become Human – Adam Nieri on the twin pillars of the AI religion

Nieri looks at them as the narrative of the sci-fi game Detroit: Become Human develops them:  A Closer Look at Detroit: Become Human, Part I Gaming culture provides a window into our culture’s assumptions about artificial intelligence (Adam Nieri) In the game, Detroit has transcended its current economic despair, emerging as the epicenter of the Read More…

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Journalist: ET can be common ground between atheists and ID theorists

Knowledge of the sheer massive intricacy of design in nature grows by the day and the only possible response can now be attacking anyone who wants to discuss it seriously. True, the space aliens won’t run afoul of the No Divine Foot rule but if that’s the only problem they solve, they’re not going to shed much light on the nature of nature.