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How one medic moved from theistic evolution to intelligent design

Strandness: Richard Dawkins famously said that Charles Darwin made it possible for him to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist, but I found that ID made it possible for me to be an intellectually fulfilled Christian. Read More ›

Is the continuity of our selves just an illusion?

Researchers: The ‘continuity of the self’—the capacity for self-awareness and self-recognition— remains stable whereas other components such as physical aspects, physiological processes and even attitudes, beliefs and values are more liable to change. Read More ›

What should we look for, seeking life on other planets?

Researcher's view: "it’s more than likely that the chemistry that led to the existing biology on Earth is no longer evident in the biochemistry we see. This means it may be impossible to reverse engineer what prebiotic chemistry on early Earth—or another planet—might have looked like solely from the life that’s present today. " Read More ›

At Evolution News: Codes are not products of physics

Some are still trying to jackhammer meaning out of what they claim is a meaningless universe. If they’re talking about codes but not talking about information, they’re not operating in a real space anyway. But tenured/tenure-seeking Darwinism does that to people. Read More ›

It’s Really not Rocket Science

In the 2010 book interview for the first edition of my Discovery Institute Press book David Klinghoffer asked me, what do you think will be the turning point in the ID-Darwinism debate? I answered (approximately) “the turning point will be when scientists believe they will be considered intellectuals for doubting Darwin rather than for promoting Darwin, and not before.” Ten years later, Intelligent Design has gained some respect but we have certainly not yet arrived at my turning point. If we get there eventually, it will be thanks to our experts like Michael Behe, W.E.Loennig, Doug Axe, and many others, whose knowledge of biology and biochemistry matches that of any Darwinist expert. But if you just want to know whose Read More ›

Under-sea floor life forms survive in water beyond boiling point

At ScienceDaily: The news follows an announcement in October that microbial diversity below the seafloor is as rich as on Earth's surface. Researchers on that project from the Japan marine-earth science group, Bremen University, the University of Hyogo, University of Kochi and University of Rhode Island, discovered 40,000 different types of microorganisms from core samples from 40 sites around the globe… Read More ›

Primate visual systems “totally indistinguishable” after 55 million years

"55 Million years of separation on different continents is a very long evolutionary path to travel. I would have expected some mix of general similarity and characteristic differences between species in these neural modules. But the fact of the matter simply is: It is practically impossible to tell them apart." … It sounds a lot like a designed system. The basic core of the hardware and software hasn’t changed in 55 million years. Read More ›

Sophisticated eyes from over 500 million years ago

Okay, but wait. Just because it would benefit a life form to have sophisticated eyes does not mean that it can just start growing them. That’s where Darwinism begins to shade into magic. There’s a missing factor here: How, exactly, were the prey life forms enabled to participate in the complex business of producing vision in response to the predator’s vision? Read More ›