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We are now told of radio emissions from an alien world…

Like space junk Oumuamua, it’ll almost certainly turn out to be nothing. So why … ? It’s a legitimate question, at this point, whether “science” is just cultural territory now—a way of saying that one is Woke, Cool, and progressive. Depending on where you work, no actual results may be required. Read More ›

A new mammal that lived among the dinosaurs was, we are told, a “crazy beast”

At ScienceDaily: "Not only did Adalatherium have rabbit- or rodent-like ever-growing front teeth, but the back teeth are completely unlike those of any other known mammal, living or extinct. If just these teeth had been found, the mystery of what this animal was would likely not have been solved! Added to the seeming chaos is a hole in the top of the snout for which there is simply no parallel." Read More ›

Universality of human emotion upheld by study

From UC Berkeley: "Researchers at UC Berkeley and Google used machine-learning technology known as a “deep neural network” to analyze facial expressions in some 6 million video clips uploaded to YouTube from people in 144 countries spanning North, Central and South America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia." Read More ›

Jerry Coyne seems to be coming to terms with the Woke endgame

We wondered what Darwinian evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne was doing recently besides being nice to cats (a very fine habit and the sign of a true gentleman). So this now... Read More ›