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Proving that they are genuine “sceptics,” British group takes on the pieties of climate change

With a motto to live up to like “Question Everything. Stay Sane. Live Free,” they must sometimes tackle the Establishment’s fondest commitments. And the nonsense they skewer is practically surreal. Read More ›

Retraction Watch co-founder on the lab leak theory re COVID

Ivan Oransky: Many in the media, as well as some scientists, quickly labeled it a conspiracy theory, designed to shift focus away from the missteps of their own countries. But, like everyone else involved in the discussions about the lab leak theory, scientists have something at stake: If SARS-CoV-2 did escape from a lab, it could further shake trust in research, and threaten funding… Read More ›

Casey Luskin on what ID is and how we should defend it

Luskin: Something is specified if it matches an independent pattern. There is no special, independent pattern to the shape of Mount Rainier. Its complexity alone is not enough to infer design. It matches a pattern — the faces of four famous Presidents. Read More ›

Recognizing Design: Part 2 of the “Introduction to Intelligent Design” video series

Part 2 applies the core concepts of irreducible complexity and functional coherence to one of the most important functions in each cell - energy production. Read More ›

Can We Endure?

We are deeply divided. On the one hand, there are those of us who believe Lincoln was right when he said this nation was conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. We insist that the fundamental character of this nation – grounded as it is in the transformative and revolutionary principles of the Declaration – is very good indeed. We concede that these ideals have sometimes been imperfectly realized. Nevertheless, that goodness has always been central to our national character and has been demonstrated by the great strides we have made over the centuries toward realizing the ideals of our founding charter. On the other hand, there are those who believe Nikole Hannah-Jones’ Read More ›

Maori creationism is okay in New Zealand schools; objectors could be booted from NZ’s Royal Society

Sadly, the Darwinians are now learning the value of the very intellectual freedom they have so long denied to non-Darwinians of all stripes. Read More ›

CalTech researchers map spatial organization of the (“junk”) DNA and RNA in the cell nucleus

At ENST: Now, the windows are opening on [nucleus] organization so all-encompassing for all those non-coding RNA transcripts, it is truly mind-boggling what goes on in the nucleus of a cell. Read More ›

Sabine Hossenfelder asks, why do we think antimatter asymmetry is a problem?

Hossenfelder: "[O]nce you insist that the ratio was actually one, you have to come up with a mechanism for how it ended up not being one. And then you can publish papers with all kinds of complicated solutions to the problem which you just created. " Isn't she overlooking something? Read More ›

France’s Biology Year: Reimagining evolution as horizontal gene transfer

It’s probably not anywhere near as simple and certain as Catherine Jessus is making out. Viruses don’t likely do enough to create placentas. But the main point is, this definitely isn’t yer old biology teacher’s Split-the-Desk Rant for Darwin!!! Stay tuned. Read More ›