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Convergent evolution: Cricket ears turn out to be a lot like vertebrate ears

At Evolution News: Other than location (in the heads of vertebrates and on the legs of insects), the functional similarities of the CA to the mammalian cochlea are striking, except that the cochlea is 40 times as long as the insect hearing organ! It’s a remarkable example of convergence already, and there is more to come. Read More ›

Owen Strachan offers some thoughts on Craig’s book on the historical Adam

Strachan: Every time the “figure of Adam” is “deployed” by NT authors, they are referring to the historical Adam. If you use this admittedly simple reading key, you will save yourself a great deal of confusion and the real possibility of one day investing in one of those “Faith Deconstruction Seminars” that former evangelical personalities now offer for the low, low price of $299. Read More ›

Mixing science with politics is like mixing mustard and ice cream

So far so good, Marcelo Gleiser, until we got to the part about “often giving equal weight to the opinion of the vast majority of scientists and to the opinion of a small contrarian group,” … There’s actually nothing unusual about the “small contrarian group” being right. Read More ›

Does the American Scientific Affiliation still matter?

Re Isaac's review of an OOL book "His review is noteworthy in that nearly every argument he offers demonstrates that he failed to honestly engage with the book’s contents. His failings are not entirely his fault. Instead, they reflect the philosophical filter that distorted his comprehension of the evidence." Read More ›

Science is no more a “road to truth” than is art or religion

... virtually all modern philosophers and sociologists of science do not speak of science in this way. And we would know. Two of us have a combined 63 years of studying and teaching the philosophy of science. And we can assure you that the gap between the consensus among those who have carefully studied the logic and methods of scientific research and this more popular view of science could not be more cavernous... Read More ›

James Webb telescope as a secular answer to Genesis

David Coppedge: Nevertheless, some reporters are salivating already about what this instrument will show. They are making predictions not just about the future but about the past: what this new instrument will reveal about the history of the universe, earth and life. Read More ›

New excerpt from Animal Algorithms

Eric Cassell: Scientists typically specialize, and a biologist who does this may see problems for evolutionary theory in his or her own subdiscipline but then figure those problems are the exception and that evolutionary theory has things well in hand elsewhere in the life sciences. Read More ›

Researchers: Endothermy (warmbloodedness)could have started over 300 million years ago

Pushing back the time things could have happened just by accident (a million monkeys typing)... Researchers: "This is likely to be controversial, but we think, and hope, that it will spark some great conversations and it could lead to a change in our understanding of the ways body warmth is maintained." Read More ›

Is Sarah Salviander going to make a difference in science?

Of herself she says: Astrophysicist. I have a PhD in Astrophysics and worked for many years in academia as a scientific researcher. Though I am currently focused on ministry work, I am still active in astrophysical research. Visit my research page here. Read More ›