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Artificial intelligence is not dangerous. Only natural intelligence is dangerous

There is a huge media pundit industry anxious to persuade us that machines will come to think like people when the actual concern should be quite the opposite… people will come to think like machines and won’t see through their pretensions. See, for example, A Short Argument Against the Materialist Account of the Mind.

Artificial Intelligence Intelligent Design

John Steinbeck: Two men never created anything

Computer engineering prof Robert Marks has had to reflect on what human creativity means, discussing the goals of the Walter Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence, of which he is the director. He found his inspiration in Nobel Prize-winning American novelist John Steinbeck’s conviction: “The preciousness lies in the lonely mind of a man.”

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Walter Bradley: Tell people about AI, not sci-fi

His struggle to bring reality to“sci-fi” origin of life research is Intro of the Walter Bradley Center’s inspiration for our work on AI: The Bradley Center hopes to have a similar effect by promoting more general knowledge of fundamental issues around “thinking computers and questions around the real effects of technology on human well-being. A friend […]

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It is possible to demonstrate that AI will never think as humans do

Based on what we know of how algorithms work, it can be demonstrated mathematically that algorithms cannot deal with non-computable concepts: There is another way to prove a negative besides exhaustively enumerating the possibilities With artificial general intelligence (AGI), if we can identify something algorithms cannot do, and show that humans can do it then […]

Artificial Intelligence Intelligent Design Mind

“Thinking” computers? Some logical problems with the idea

If an algorithm that reproduces human behavior requires more storage space than exists in the universe, it is a practical impossibility that also demonstrates the logical impossibility of artificial intelligence, Eric Holloway argues. He engaged in a three-part debate on the subject. Here’s the first part: The most basic sort of algorithm that can mimic […]