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Marcos Eberlin

Chemist Marcos Eberlin on the molecules: They say “Design!”

Marcos Eberlin, the bad boy chemist from Brazil who says, yes, it’s design—but is too productive to just be fired—talks about why he thinks molecules demonstrate design: Biology, cosmology, physics, mathematics, computer engineering, chemistry… You could have an interesting argument among proponents of intelligent design about which field of science will ultimately clinch the argument for ID. Famed chemist Marcos Eberlin claims the honor will go to chemistry. Chauvinism, you say? Perhaps. You could take that up with the three Nobel laureates who endorsed his recent book, Foresight: How the Chemistry of Life Reveals Planning and Purpose. For a lighter moment, see Jerry Coyne is already mad at Marcos Eberlin

ID-friendly scientist’s book features three Nobel Prize winners’ endorsements

Marcos Eberlin's new book is now available at Amazon. Digging through the files, we came across the fact that in 2017, a conference at which he was to speak had to flee Portugal for Spain. Read More ›