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The Darwinians show their lovely faces in Brazil

It really doesn’t matter all that much what the accusations are. Right now, Darwinism is a fat living for people who don’t like challenges or thinking too hard. They will do their best to undermine Aguiar Neto, no matter what he does for the average Brazilian science student.
And no wonder there is a growing number of populist revolutions in the world.

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“Let’s see them rip up Dr. Neto’s science papers… “

A usually gentle reader writes to say, “If these flappers had any real courage of conviction, they would print sets of every one of the papers and proceed to tear them in half at press conferences, AAAS and Royal Society meetings, on BioLogos videos, etc. Come on Bill Nye! Richard Dawkins! Jerry Coyne! There must be grants for that sort of thing. Templeton? The bar for truth-telling in the public square has been dramatically raised this week.”

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There really IS a space alien religion

We’ve often noticed that people who are bound and determined to find intelligent aliens treat it as a sort of religious quest. But now, as National Geographic reports from Brazil, it is taking an institutional form: According to Sunrise Valley followers, extraterrestrial beings landed on Earth 32,000 years ago to advance human civilizations. The beings Read More…