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Ross Douthat

Jerry Coyne vs Ross Douthat on science-based belief in God

Coyne makes a virtue of the fact that he finds typical, widespread points of view hard to comprehend. Uncommon Descent to Jerry Coyne: Come in Coyne, are you reading us?: Buckle that seatbelt, man! This is the BIG roller coaster, Flyin’ Annie. Not the little ones you are used to. Over and out. Read More ›

At Evolution News: Twilight of the Godless Universe

If so, fashionable atheists must all just want to kill Meyer for busting up a sweet faith-and-science racket. Whatever any establishment figure with a PhD in science wants to call science is science and obedient religion profs just bumble along, glad to be noticed. Actually, with all the stuff we have discovered that does not confirm just what everyone thinks, it's a pretty decrepit racket now. Read More ›