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Return of the God Hypothesis (book)

At Mind Matters News: Has a superintellect monkeyed with our universe’s physics?

Takehome: It got worse for Hoyle: To form carbon at all, gravitational forces must be balanced just right with the electromagnetic forces. That’s just the start… Read More ›

At Socrates in the City: Eric Metaxas and Stephen Meyer Tackle Science and God

Meyer is author of "The Return of the God Hypothesis: Three Scientific Discoveries that Reveal the Mind Behind the Universe." Eric Metaxas is a radio talk show host and author of Is Atheism Dead? Read More ›

Noted at Hillfaith: Atheists’ books show that God must exist

They couldn't have written them without intelligent design of the universe. The blog also notes the impact of Steve Meyer's book, Return of the God Hypothesis, which seems to be giving the Darwinian materialist atheists some serious competition. Read More ›

At Claremont Review of Books: “The God Hypothesis should be considered as a possible explanation for our universe.”

Reviewer: Meyer argues that the materialist assumption now poses an obstruction to understanding, compelling scientists to embrace implausible and untestable hypotheses as a defense against the God hypothesis... But Gelernter and Nagel make a good case that religious zealotry, and a refusal to debate the facts honestly, now characterize Meyer’s opponents more than they do Meyer and his supporters. Read More ›

A Review of Steve Meyer’s The Return of the God Hypothesis

Scambray: Meyer summarizes his thesis early on when he points to three 20th century mutually supporting scientific discoveries that provide strong evidence for belief in the God of Judaism and Christianity. (from review) Read More ›

Is Ethan Siegel’s Big Bang and Parallel Universes nonsense a response to Steve Meyer?

Now that Miller mentions it, several other anti-Big Bang tales have appeared recently. Perhaps the reason that all these stories seem extra-silly is that the authors are rattled. Read More ›

Jerry Coyne vs Ross Douthat on science-based belief in God

Coyne makes a virtue of the fact that he finds typical, widespread points of view hard to comprehend. Uncommon Descent to Jerry Coyne: Come in Coyne, are you reading us?: Buckle that seatbelt, man! This is the BIG roller coaster, Flyin’ Annie. Not the little ones you are used to. Over and out. Read More ›

At Evolution News: Twilight of the Godless Universe

If so, fashionable atheists must all just want to kill Meyer for busting up a sweet faith-and-science racket. Whatever any establishment figure with a PhD in science wants to call science is science and obedient religion profs just bumble along, glad to be noticed. Actually, with all the stuff we have discovered that does not confirm just what everyone thinks, it's a pretty decrepit racket now. Read More ›

Jordan Peterson’s reflections on Twitter on reading Steve Meyer’s Return of the God Hypothesis

Jordan, if you believe Meyer is right or even partways right or is making a good case, stand your ground. You have already faced some of the most incomprehensibly vicious mobs that Cancel Culture has spewed and you are still standing. Follow the evidence, not the crybullies. You, of all people, can afford to and it would do immense good. Read More ›

Fish fins, Christian evolutionism, and the “things that just don’t change, come what may”

At Evolution News and Science Today, we learn that Darrel Falk is still around? Why do people care about Christian evolutionism when even the big Darwin guys like Kevin Laland are looking for non-Darwin answers? Read More ›

Professional skeptic Michael Shermer takes on Stephen C. Meyer and his Return of God Hypothesis

In an age when the Raging Woke parasitize the world of ideas, banning everyone from Frank Turek through Richard Dawkins from public life (when not out setting fires and assaulting the non-Woke), it is worth nothing that Shermer’s 2020 book Giving the Devil His Due, is a defense of intellectual freedom. Read More ›