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‘Sceptics’ — but not about science?

I did an interview recently with the Sceptics’ Society of Birmingham (UK) on the relationship between science and religion, which may be of interest to people here. The interview was conducted over Skype, which explains some of the alien sounds, especially from my end, even though my interlocutor and I were separated by a mere […]

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Horizontal Gene Transfer and the Evolution of Evolution: You Can’t Make This Up

What do bacterial resistance to antibiotic drugs and the universal genetic code have in common? They both have been explained by horizontal gene transfer, a mechanism that evolutionists are increasingly using to explain the origin of the species. And what’s wrong with that? First, it makes evolution superfluous and second, it makes evolution ridiculous.  Read […]

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Oakes’ Inconsistent Positions

In my post below I described as “fabulous” Ed Oakes’ “Atheism’s Just So Scenarios,” and I stand by that description.  That said, Oakes never fails to befuddle me when it comes to the topic of evolution.  Oakes is a brilliant and insightful writer, whom I almost always enjoy reading.  Consider his take on “Just So […]

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Signature of Controversy: New Book Responds to Stephen Meyer’s Critics

Critics of intelligent design often try to dismiss the theory as not worth addressing, as a question already settled, even as being too boring to countenance. Then they spend an amazing amount of energy trying to refute it. On this episode of ID the Future, Anika Smith interviews David Klinghoffer, editor of the new digital book Signature […]