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At National Geographic: A million to one odds that the universe’s expansion mystery is a statistical fluke

At NG: In other words, it’s looking even more likely that there’s some fundamental ingredient of the cosmos—or some unexpected effect of the known ingredients—that astronomers have yet to pin down. Read More ›

Can giant ichthyosaur fossil shed light on whale development?

Really, the only connection is that youngorum is another life form that grew very large in a comparatively short period of time. Maybe a number of unrelated examples will point to a general rule but the story doesn’t shed light on the peculiar history of whales. Read More ›

The reality of “imaginary” numbers — discovery, not invention

Over at YouTube, there is a bit of history of Math, on study of cubic functions — and yes there is as usual, some less than exemplary detail — that led to the “invention” of imaginary numbers: Now of course, I contend that this was discovery not invention (I often don’t buy Veritas Sum’s narrative, but here is a way to see the story). In News’ thread on i, I commented at 33: your definition [– Eugene at 8: “there exists such a pair of real numbers (0, 1) that (0, 1) * (0, 1) = -1, where “*” is the specific multiplication rule defined for these types of pairs” –] is tantamount to describing the role of sqrt – Read More ›

50 Christmases Later

December 19, 1971 was a Sunday, the last one before Christmas.  I was ten.  My sister was eleven.  We went with our family to the evening service at Trinity Baptist Church in Boyd, Texas.  After services my parents left us with a group that was going Christmas caroling.  We never made it to the first house. Our church was on the highway on the western edge of town.   Our group of about 20 carolers walked along the side the highway toward the first neighborhood a few hundred yards away.  The leaders were in the front and back of the group.  My sister and I were with the kids in the middle.  My memories of what happened next are episodic.  I Read More ›

Does a culture reach a point where a rebirth of science is not even possible?

Anyone who lives in an aging society will be aware of this problem: Old ladies demanding endless lockdowns and crackdowns to fight COVID-19 who don’t even know what viruses are. Or care. But they don’t need to know — or care — because viruses are “science.” Once science replaced religion in some people’s lives, science became a superstition. And it shows. Read More ›

To what extent is the science we must learn at school materialist propaganda?

Here’s a question: Given what we (hope we) know today about the origin and development of life forms, would anyone today propose neo-Darwinism (natural selection) in any of its forms as an explanation - if they hadn't already had to accept it anyway in order to get to where they are today? Read More ›

At one time, academic ideologues were just bores. Then they discovered politics…

But does anyone really believe that the “silent liberal majority” will ever really fight back? As opposed to morphing into Bores-for-Life by sacrificing everyone and everything that the new fascists want? So far not looking good. Read More ›

The Palmers’ continuing series at YouTube: Micro evolution vs Macro Evolution, Part 2

From introduction: [I]n Part 2 we look at the textbook examples of microevolution in light of gene sequencing. In every example of microevolution used to support Darwinism, mutations only degraded existing genes. No new genes were created. But without new genes, Darwinism is limited to microevolution. Read More ›