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Harvard Astronomer: Aliens visited in 2017! Now a book!

Okay, Oumuamua is unusual. But here’s what seems even more unusual. That a Harvard astronomer would be retailing stories that, sixty years ago, were the domain of tabloid magazines. And people are listening seriously. Read More ›

Don’t miss this interview with science historian Michael Flannery on Alfred Russel Wallace

The film offers old, rarely seen pictures of Wallace & screenshots of his papers/key quotes. Wallace was the original ID champion. Know your history, people. Read More ›

The Darwinian grandmother hypothesis makes a comeback

There are a great many “why do grandmothers exist” theories spawned by Darwinism, none of which owe anything to the effect of human intelligence or the recognition of relationships. The Darwinists are getting closer (to nothing) all the time. Read More ›

Rob Sheldon responds to News’s recent Salvo article, “War on Math”

Sheldon: Talking to a retired St Louis public high school math teacher, the battle was first enjoined 30 years ago over Geometry--eliminating it from the curriculum. Why? Because it was the only course that taught logic, he said. Read More ›

UD Live event part 3, US Election moves to resolution . . . [?]

As the Election progresses into its third month, this week we expect a runoff election in Georgia State and the Congress is to sit to resolve the Electoral College result on the 6th. We continue to track from here and here. As developments unfold we will add further updates. END U/D1, Jan 6: Photograph demonstrating even more brazen scrutineer frustration in GA than at Nov 3+, 2020: I note, extra, by way of the earlier capture from the surveillance video on the night of 3/4 November: U/D2, Jan 7: Tucker Carlson’s warning on where undermining election integrity leads: U/D4, a reminder on McFaul Colour-Culture revolution and the SOCOM insurgency escalator: . . . also, on 4th gen war: I add, Read More ›