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At The Conversation: Can the laws of physics disprove God?

This seems to be a rather light piece intellectually but it gives some sense of what the wine bar would be saying about God and science if COVID-19 crazy hadn’t put it out of business: “But God isn’t a valid scientific explanation. The theory of the multiverse, instead, solves the mystery because it allows different universes to have different physical laws. So it’s not surprising that we should happen to see ourselves in one of the few universes that could support life. Of course, you can’t disprove the idea that a God may have created the multiverse.”

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Why Michael Denton is an important but under-recognized figure in the ID community

Here’s an interesting assessment of non-Darwinian microbiologist Michael Denton’s work: in The Miracle of the Cell he concentrates on one example of fine-tuning after another… Biologists may have once held simplistic notions about the origin of life, back in the heady days following the iconic Miller-Urey experiment. They may have thought they were on the Read More…

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Avi Loeb about Oumuamua: “Nature does not produce such things.”

Maybe some of us (yer news writer, for one) have been unkind to Avi Loeb, the Harvard astronomer who continues to insist that space debris Oumuamua is an extraterrestrial lightsail. Anyway, at 29:06 in this vid, Loeb says “nature does not produce such things.” We’re told Loeb is using a design filter like design theorist Read More…

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So fine tuning of the universe for life goes right down to the level of the atom?

Our universe seems fine-tuned for life to come into existence, as Michael Denton stresses. If so, life may indeed inhabit other planets. If people believe that there is intelligent life on other planets in the galaxy, the best theory to support it, absent evidence at present, is intelligent design.